B.C. government contributes $4 million for UBC cancer research chair


The B.C. government is providing $4 million to the Canadian Cancer Society to endow a research chair at the University of British Columbia.
The chair will be held by cancer prevention and control specialist Carolyn Cook Gotay.

Gotay will initiate and supervise cancer prevention studies in B.C.

Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell says the endowment will help develop a national cancer prevention strategy by researching links between diet, exercise, weight, stress and environmental carcinogens to specific types of cancer.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has also committed to provide an additional $750,000 towards the chair.
Coell and made the announcement in Vancouver on Saturday.

Gotay says there will be an estimated 20,500 new cases of cancer and 9,200 deaths in 2008 in B.C.

“This is 100 fewer new cases and 200 more deaths than 2007, but nationwide the number of new cancer cases and deaths continues to rise steadily as the Canadian population ages,” she says.

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B.C. government contributes $4 million for UBC cancer research chair

  1. Here is a good project for the holder of the chair: arrange with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute–Center for Environmental Oncology–to perform a study of past and potential carcinogens associated with the UBC campus. Work up a full history, especially from the early 1990s to date, and examine prospective issues. You might suggest the book by Dr. Devra Davis, “The Secret History of the War on Cancer,” as a good introduction to environmental oncology. Davis could give the first guest lecture to help institute the chair. Study the safety report for TRIUMF and the 2004 UBC South Campus Neighbourhood Environmental Assessment for clues as to potential hazards.

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