Brandon University strike talks to resume Monday

Students can’t be punished for not crossing picket lines


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There has been a lot of misinformation about the current strike by Brandon University’s Faculty Association (BUFA). Here’s what we do know.

Reports earlier this week suggested that students will be punished if they choose to skip the classes of any professor who chooses to go back to work before the strike ends. President Deborah Poff wrote Tuesday that no student was ever at risk of being punished. “Students have a right not to cross a picket line,” she wrote. “It is an act of political and moral conscience, and Brandon University will not discriminate against students for their political beliefs.”

It was also reported that talks had broken off on Wednesday, as the conciliator had returned to Winnipeg. But BUFA writes today that although the two sides will not meet again until Monday, that’s because the conciliator is unavailable until then, not because talks had broken off. BUFA also confirmed that they have rejected the schools’ offers for arbitration or mediation and arbitration.

BUFA Faculty Association President Prof. Joe Dolecki told the Winnipeg Free Press Wednesday that they’ve reduced their wage-increase demands to 2.9, 3.0, and 3.25 per cent over three years, but the university continues to offer 0.5, 1.0, and 2.75 per cent. To see how Brandon University’s professors’ wages compare with those of their colleagues at other universities, click here.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has offered a $1-million line of credit to BUFA.


Brandon University strike talks to resume Monday

  1. Student’s shouldn’t be involved in this. It’s a huge farce that essentially boils down to using them as hostages for negotiations. If the intent wasn’t to use them this way, the strike could have been arranged to occur at a time when they would not be affected. Think of how much the faculty is losing by not getting their increases. Now think of how much the students are losing by partaking in this by no choice of their own. Striking in the middle of a semester for leverage… that’s costing these students a semester (or half a year) of their lives for what? Maybe an increase of a percent or two? That’s terrorism driven by pure greed. This could have been done during the summer or after Christmas so that students wouldn’t have to suffer this. Even if tuition is refunded, it still won’t make up for what is going on. What’s going to be more responsible for a decline in enrollment in the years to come: this 2nd strike and unreliability of the faculty or not being able to lure quality profs to this institution? I’d rather go to another University that can reliably make it through a semester than waste my time at Brandon University.

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