Britain's anti-multicultural academic -

Britain’s anti-multicultural academic

Jack Buckby is the younger face of the far right


Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters

He’s an unlikely far-right trailblazer: neither old, nor angry, nor square. Jack Buckby, the 20-year-old founder of the National Culturists—a Tea Party-inspired youth movement that aims to reinvigorate Britain’s flagging far right—pairs John Lennon glasses with modish ties and ironic facial hair. He’s well-spoken. He blogs. He’s already a darling of the radical British National Party (BNP), which campaigns on the premise that immigration has put British culture in peril, and has plans to spread the word to campuses nationwide.

His political awakening occurred, he says, after realizing that “if you disagree with multiculturalism, you are deemed a racist.” Frustrated, Buckby came across the work of John Press, founder of the Brooklyn Tea Party. Press argues that “traditional majority culture” should be promoted over diversity, which, he feels, embraces “practices such as female genital mutilation and drug-running gangster culture.” In 2011, Buckby, who is partway through a political science degree at the University of Liverpool, founded the National Culturists. “We don’t have aspirations to be a street movement,” he says. “We want to be an academic organization.”

That may be just what Britain’s far-right needs: in 2009, a street movement known as the English Defence League attracted hordes of supporters to its anti-Muslim marches. But the group’s window-smashing, proto-fascist song-chanting members also alienated social conservatives.

Lately, anti-immigrant parties like the BNP and the anti-EU U.K. Independence Party have been shedding support to Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives, who are tightening up immigration laws. (The 44 councillors elected to represent the BNP in 2006 have dwindled to just three, and the party’s national support barely tops two per cent.) Even the Labour Party seemed to be courting nationalists, with its 2012 call to subject some public sector employees to English proficiency tests.

Buckby isn’t threatening to smash windows over Islam; he markets himself as a small-c conservative who is simply battling “namby-pamby” political correctness. His supporters insist he is drawing attention to real problems, like the presence of unofficial sharia courts in Britain. His views, however, appear to be in line with the facepaint-wearing Islamophobes: Buckby wants to bar Muslim immigrants from entering Britain and ban British Muslims from protesting. He wants to teach schoolchildren that Muslims hate gay people and, bizarrely, holds Muslims responsible for pedophilia in Britain.

Buckby’s position fits a broader trajectory, says historian Tim Stanley: Britain’s right wing, he says, has shifted “from naked racism to a more sophisticated critique of multiculturalism.” But BNP Leader Nick Griffin, he notes, is a Holocaust denier, and Buckby speaks warmly of Hungary’s notoriously anti-Semitic Jobbik Party.


Britain’s anti-multicultural academic

  1. Non-Whites flock to White societies because Whites build the most desirable societies.

    Whites have been bamboozled into believing that diversity is a strength and race is just skin color difference.

    Britain was FOUNDED and BUILT by Whites.

    Different races are suited to being governed by different laws that suit their own unique racial makeup ex. Chinese are genetically collectivistic, Whites are genetically individualistic.

    Whites are the only race on the planet that are celebrating diversity as they become minorities in their own nations.

    Political corctness and racial diversity ruins White nations. They will slowly become to resemble those nations where 3rd world immigrants have arrived from.

    Most races see their race as their nation ie. blood is thicker than water and politics. It’s called ethnic nepotism. It is natural and healthy. If there was no media, people would naturally flock to the right, but the media keeps promoting the lie that diversity is a strength.

    Not every race is capable of building and maintaining a 1st world nation.

    • This is exactly the same hateful drivel that was spouted by the ‘nativists’ with each wave of immigration – white or not. I won’t use the Jewish people as an example here (because I suspect that you likely count Jewish people as ‘non-white’ interlopers). However, how about we talk about the Irish in the U.S. in the 19th Century – for example, see

  2. Maclean’s reveals its political bias in the very first sentence of this article by calling Jack Buckby “far right”. Why is anti-multiculturalism considered by Maclean’s to be a far right ideology? What nonsense. By that logic, the conservatives of Pierre Trudeau’s era must have been “far right” for opposing the new multicultural vision of the Liberal Party of Canada. Actually, even Liberals who opposed Trudeau must have been “far right”.

    Let’s look at multiculturalism a bit more rationally, dear Maclean’s, by taking a real-world example. I won’t use Canada as my example because we’re a very unusual country in the world, having a brief history that has not permitted the emergence of a “Canadian ethnicity”. So instead, let’s look at a country like Italy. (I could have said France, Japan, or Pakistan just as easily.) The Italians have been living with their own culture on their own peninsula for thousands of years. They have done pretty well for themselves, from the Roman days to the Renaissance to the modern era. But in just the last couple of decades, Italy has seen a dramatic increase in immigrants, many of whom arrived illegally and uninvited. It makes some people feel warm and cuddly to insist the Italians transform themselves into a “multicultural” society. But hidden behind such demands is an ugly truth: while Nigerians, Ukrainians, or Chinese may be minorities within Italy, the Italians are a tiny minority within the world as a whole. If Italy becomes “multicultural”, the world loses Italian culture…. forever. It’s as simple and dismal as that. I question, therefore, why the Italians must bear the burden of relaxing their cultural identity in their own country. Isn’t it the job of the newcomer to adapt and integrate, the way my Greek ancestors did in Canada?

    I am not naive. I realize some people who oppose multiculturalism are closet fascists trying to promote a racist agenda. But I think I have shown how multiculturalism itself is racist if it destroys local culture and replaces it with a bland globalist identity.

    In future, I would like to see Maclean’s tackle multiculturalism without losing sight of the fact that many people who oppose this ideology – people like me – are political centrists and ardently supportive of human rights and human dignity.

    • Have you seen the age demographics and birth rates of Italy? Even if Italians had no Immigration, Italian culture and people will most likely disappear in this century, there is nothing you can do about that, same goes it with Germany, UK, Greece or any Western Nation.