Brock semester under threat

Instructors and teaching assistants vote 80% for strike


Classes at Brock University could be canceled this month after part-time instructors and teaching assistants voted 80 per cent in favour of a strike mandate. The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 4207, is asking for higher wages, more hours for staff and improved health benefits.The union also wants to eliminate Brock’s ability to eliminate seminars, which are run by the union’s members. The strike vote, which gives the union a mandate to call a strike if an agreement cannot be reached, was held towards the end of January.

CUPE, which has requested the intervention of a conciliator, has accused the administration of failing to even bother negotiating by not meeting with the union until several weeks after the contract ended last April, and for “coming [to the bargaining table] unprepared.” A statement from the university noted that Brock is currently in negotiation with five unions, and while all have requested conciliation, “No strike deadlines have been set at this time.”

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Brock semester under threat

  1. 80% didn’t vote for a strike. 80% voted for a strike MANDATE.
    There is a very significant difference, and Macleans should know better.

  2. It does says 80% in favour of a strike MANDATE. Are you reading this correct?

  3. As an update, CUPE4207 @ Brock has requested a “No Board” and a strike date has been set for March 14th.

  4. Uh oh. So there is definitely a strike commencing March 14?

  5. they should just get rid of seminars, most of them are pointless anyways. ta’s should be happy they have a job, all unions want is more more more.

  6. It’s just part time instructors? So will the other classes taught by professors continue?

    seriously couldn’t they just strike in the summer for the students sake.

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