Caffeine and fast foods a dangerous mix? -

Caffeine and fast foods a dangerous mix?

New study says burgers and coffee are a bad combination


hamburger, coffee, fast foodA new study from the University of Guelph suggests there is something worse than eating a diet high in saturated fat: and that’s combining saturated fat with caffeine. In other words, if you’re going to have that Big Mac and fries, you might want to skip the coffee.

Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the study revealed that eating a fast food meal with a coffee affects blood sugar levels twice as much when having the fatty meal alone. The combination of saturated fat and caffeine could be an even greater threat to people at risk for diabetes.

In the National Post article, lead researcher Marie-Soleil Beaudoin says the study shows that saturated fat interferes with the body’s ability to clear sugars from the blood, “…and when combined with caffeinated coffee, the impact can be even worse. Having sugar remain in our blood for long periods is unhealthy because it can take a toll on our body’s organs.”

Beaudoin says the effects of a high-fat meal can last for hours. “What you eat for lunch can impact how your body responds to food later in the day”.

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Caffeine and fast foods a dangerous mix?

  1. this author’s story are always so boring, 100% of the time…

  2. * stories

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    I wanted to continue and say that they’re often not even journalistic in any way. Consider this piece, which is merely the repetition of a story published elsewhere. No original interviews or research – and it’s not even funny or interesting!

  3. This isn’t even news…I can’t even believe that scientists are wasting time and money to research and state the obvious. How can I ever thank them for letting me know that having too much sugar and fat is dangerous to my health…