Pro-life students accused of trespassing -

Pro-life students accused of trespassing

UCalgary club issued notice after refusing to turn anti-abortion signs inward


“Kids, we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousands (read: three) times before, we don’t want to see those dirty pictures.”

Well, at least they’re consistent.

The University of Calgary has accused 10 students of trespassing and, the students say, has threatened them with sanctions for non-academic misconduct, after they refused to turn their provocative anti-abortion display inward. The club’s Genocide Awareness Project boasts signs comparing abortion to the Holocaust and displays graphic photos of aborted fetuses.

This is the fourth time the university has issued trespassing notices to the group. The latest charges were stayed in November.

Campus Pro-Life treasurer Alana Campbell questioned the university’s decision to defend the right to speak of Ann Coulter, the right-wing pundit who visited the university a few weeks ago, but is trying to stifle their controversial display.

“It is most curious that U of C threatened us with arrest when they spoke so glowingly in defense of an American speaker — she’s not even a student,” Campbell said in a release.

“We’re gonna use that ‘safe campus’ line again. No one really knows what it means, but it works.”

In a statement obtained by the Calgary Herald, the university defended its actions towards the pro-life group.

“The university has advised members of the Campus Pro-Life Group that, given their unwillingness to compromise on their provocative signage, they are not welcome on campus for protests,” the statement read.

“The paramount issues for the university are the needs to uphold its legal right to manage activities on campus, and to ensure the safety and security for the thousands of students, staff, faculty and community members on campus each day.”

“That means turn your signs in so no one can see them, totally defeating the purpose of what you’re doing. Don’t make us tell you again. Because we will. Punks.”

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Pro-life students accused of trespassing

  1. The University is indulging in harassment if it continues to use the law enforcement mechanism (paid for by taxpayers) to proscribe the prolife movement without following through with a court hearing. By staying the previous charges they should have forfited the right to
    proceed again with the same action.

  2. What is the issue exactly? Students protest and put up displays all the time. What makes this one different? The fact that it’s unpopular? Surely in an institution of higher learning we can welcome the expression of all opinions, including unpopular ones. If we are secure in our beliefs, we can tolerate having them challenged.

  3. I’m sure if they showed pictures of children killed in the wars in Afghanistan/Iraq and were comparing those wars to the Holocaust, they wouldn’t be having these problems.

  4. A University isn’t public property. If you want to run a protest there, you have to follow the rules. I can’t just show up on your lawn to protest my issue. I do, however, agree with Dr Robert W. Wilson, the University has to either follow through with their charges, or not lay them.

  5. Mabbo, if the rules are fairly enforced, then fair enough. I rather suspect, however, that ABarlow is right. If the statement they were making was a more popular one, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Ridiculous – graphic photos obtained without the consent of the subjects or appropriate legal guardians is unacceptable regardless of the purpose of the protest.

  7. Fetuses aren’t legally people and have no rights, remember? That’s why the protesters are upset.

  8. Considering that they have, in the past, requested that the University restrict the speech of those who protest their display, I really don’t see how Campus Pro-Life gets to have the moral high ground here. They aren’t interested in free speech, they want exclusive right to use space paid for by U of C students to get their message out. It’s also worth mentioning that many of their demonstrators aren’t even students.

  9. These brainwashed children should visit pregnant teen victims of rape, incest or any young woman who has taken the decision, rightfully her own choice, to have an abortion. What right do these intruders have to force their Nazi ideology of control over the bodies of girls and women they don’t even know! Their arrogance, superiority and ignorant religious ideology would make the Taliban blush!

    If they want to go back to the Dark Ages, they should take their bibles and jump on a Time Machine.

    The State, or these little know-it-alls, have no business dictating over the bodies of women! They can do whatever the helll they want with their bodies. And pray they don’t end up victims of incest, rape or life circumstances they cannot control!

    Fascist pups

  10. Their “arrogance” and “superiority”? Do you even hear yourself when you speak? Or type… whatever, you know what I mean. I only see one person advising those who don’t agree with their views to “take their Bibles and jump on a time machine.”

    Pro-lifers aren’t trying to tell women what they can’t do to their bodies. They’re saying that we don’t have the right to take another person’s life… even if that life happens to be inside our own body. And no one who has studied biology, or even just taken a look at one of those ‘offensive’ photos, can doubt that an unborn person is still a person. That’s what makes the photos ‘offensive’. No one takes offense at pictures of bloody meat – unless they’re vegetarians who believe those animals were people, too.

  11. Screwing makes for unwanted babies. Idiots who aren’t intelligent to use one of the many methods of birth control while they get their jollies are the ones who should be aborted. But once they’re in trouble, it’s far better to abort the kid at an early phase of life than to leave it in the hands of these irresponsible morons. Oh, and then they should be sterilized or sent to ‘responsible sexuality camps’ for indoctrination.

  12. Some of the more moderate views against abortion aren’t as clearly anti-abortion in cases such as rape, incest etc. Those are tricky situations. However people who become pregnant as a result of consensual sex have a responsibility that they should not be able to avoid. Sure we don’t necessarily want those people raising the child as Garry Eaton stated in his interesting, hopefullly exaggerated, manner. Adoption remains another option which exists in cases like this.

    The problem with this kind of an issue (and indeed many issues) are the extremists on each side demonizing the other. With each goup of extremists presuming to speak for their whole movement we lose the more level-headed moderates on each side.

  13. As a U of C undergrad, I hope I can add a little perspective.
    First, the majority of the Pro-Life protesters are not students. They are adult leaders provided by their church that is connected to the church that funds the Genocide Awareness Project across North America.
    Second, protests of all kinds occur on our campus including those with graphic material. I have personally organized two with no problems (. I turned my pics inwards and hundreds still saw them – but thankfully none of the children who are on campus on a daily basis did.
    Third, the material this group hands out incites fear and is based on non-factual medical evidence (ex. you will get breast cancer from having an abortion). The pictures are not all fetuses either. There are also African-Americans who were lynched and Holocaust victims in mass graves.
    The Genocide Awareness Project will continue to break the rules laid out because simply, they get national media attention. That’s what any protest seeks to achieve.

  14. I wholeheartedly support the Genocide Awareness Project. The truth is offensive to the ostriches in our society who hide their eyes, ears and minds from reality. When faced with the images of what their “Philosophy” results in they get upset. It’s hard to look at a human that has been murdered which is exactly what they see in the GAP displays. Whats even more pathetic is that those who object to the displays being seen will happily indoctrinate our children to their point of view through the same “Learning” institutions.

  15. pat. greatest post ever.

  16. *Nazis* who try to save the lives of innocents? Doesn’t fit. I had an abortion when I was sixteen and I will regret it for as long as I live. People lied to me at the time, saying ” its just a bit of tissue* *no side effects* *no lasting aftermath*. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Free speech is free speech, or at least it should be. If even one girl decides to save herself the heartache I have faced because I rid myself of the inconvenience of a child ( the reason for the vast majority of abortions, convenience) it will have been worth it to show the pictures. If I had seen such things I might have changed my mind.

  17. Can we close this thread now?

  18. To U of C Undergrad:

    1. As a person who knows all the people who did GAP I can tell you that all of them were members of the club and that all of them were students except for two members of the community and three alumni. Swing and a miss number 1.

    2. Many groups used graphic images. A couple years ago there was a very graphic Falun Gong protest. That guy got pats on the back. Swing and a miss number 2.

    3. Have you spoken to them? If you disagree with them then talk. However saying that they give out non-factual data is a joke. It is those like you and pat who spew hatred. Swing and a miss number three.

    I think your out!

    Open your mind and actually have a reasonable conversation. It would be interesting what you might learn.

  19. Isn’t the very nature of what a univeristy stands for going to cause offense? Science classes love to spout evolutionary theories at monotheists to make them feel stupid. What is so wrong about asking when a child starts being a child and stops being a fetus?. I think it’s obvious that the group is being targeted not because their views are offensive and public (because the university and people in this discussion could care less about causing offence) but because they represent a generally fundamentalist position held by evangelical, muslim, and hindu groups. Truth is never presented objectively no matter how scientific you make it. Even science is always revising theories and paradigms in light of new evidence. What makes this group’s perspective especially henious is the fact that they are challenging a regularly practiced “medical procedure” which, if they are correct, is really a holocaust of unborn children. That is seriously offensive, however it shouldn’t take away their right to work towards making people aware of their view and having to turn in their images to make them less public is an insult to their view.Bottom line, if you’re going to attend university then prepare to be offended.

  20. The courageous actions by the protesters is to be commended. There is a war going on, and there needs to be more people like this willing to take a stand, and speak for those (the unborn) who can’t. As for the graphic pictures, yes I agree they are horrible — THE TRUTH HURTS.

  21. “Science classes love to spout evolutionary theories at monotheists to make them feel stupid. What is so wrong about asking when a child starts being a child and stops being a fetus?”

    Bang on, Christopher. I have heard hilarious diatribes against the pro-life stance from abortion advocates riddled with evidence that they don’t understand basic biology. I’m a biologist, and a supporter of *universal* (ie. not just those who escape the womb) human rights. The Left goes so far to protect supposed rights of humans and animals (I say this as a vegetarian), and incredibly ironically crusades for the legalized slaughter of unwanted offspring. Disgusting.