Canada’s longest Tim Horton’s line


I made a quick trip into Toronto this morning to attend the unveiling of the Ryerson AMC Lecture Theatres.

I travelled from Union Station in the lower part of downtown by foot to Ryerson. The new theatre is on the southern edge of Ryerson University and I decided I needed to get a better idea of how they fit into the Ryerson landscape. I decided to walk further into the Ryerson campus and backtrack from the Student Centre.

Along the trip back, I noticed the large numbers of students stopping at the Tim Hortons at the midpoint between the main campus area and the new theatre. I was about to join the line myself, but was deterred by the long line-up.

The line-up was longer than anything I ever saw at the University of Manitoba – in short, this Tim Hortons may have the longest line in Canada.

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Canada’s longest Tim Horton’s line

  1. If you want to see the fastest moving Tim Horton’s line in Canada, you need to come to the Tim’s at the University Centre at Queen’s. It goes VERY fast.

  2. you should probably take a picture to prove it, because the Tims by the Arts building here gets pretty insane.

  3. You should see the line for timmies @ ted rogers business building!

  4. We have a competition to claim the title of Canada’s longest Tim Horton’s line!

    An added bonus is that this competition is creating a list of campus Tim Horton’s for my future reference.

    Where’s the Tims in the Ted Rogers building?

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