Canadian researchers turn fiction into science -

Canadian researchers turn fiction into science

Canadian researchers help isolate and store antimatter


In what sounds like the plot for a new science fiction movie, researchers from across Canada have recently performed tests on antimatter.

Canadian researchers represent approximately a third of the scientists involved in the project at CERN. This is the first successful attempt at creating and storing antihydrogen atoms, according to an article published in the Canadian University Press Newswire.

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Canadian researchers turn fiction into science

  1. What a joke, canadians are 150 for a total of more than 2900 scientists in the CERN’s ATLAS project… A third my ass, what a plain disinformation and propaganda. Do you have no shame?

    “Canadians make up more than 150 of the researchers involved in ATLAS. ”

    “More than 2900 scientists from 172 institutes in 37 countries work on the ATLAS experiment”

  2. wow you are quick to jump on the third bit without even considering that it may be a third of the scientist are canadian involved in this “particular” project out of many projects being studied with this new piece of equipment. what do you think the Space Station studies one thing..are you really that stupid?

  3. Hey,

    The project itself is of complex nature and as bill has said they are spread out into what we call “teams”.

    The fact what Canada has had a leading roll in the development of this technology for the use of possibly obtaining a zero energy plant and more understanding of the nature of the universe is astounding. We are closer then you think to these once dreamed of pieces of technology.

    it is only one step closer to our unknowing goal.

  4. Sensi if you took the time to follow the link to the article and read it you would realize that they are in fact only talking about this experiment not CERN as a whole.

    Read before commenting so you don’t look foolish.

  5. My bad, that article was amalgamated with others about the ATLAS project, moreover I missed the link… Sorry. :)

  6. All good sir

  7. I blame the Canadian education system for your lack of literacy skills Sensi.

  8. Best to the Canadian researchers , hopefully advancements will help the planet. Best to the New Zealanders on their capture of the neutral atom. its on the net news awhile back . Very glad to see the science communities sharing the CERN project wisely.

  9. Hahaha….Sensi.? The meaning of which is “Teacher” of which you are not! Read, contemplate the material and then comment, not before. What a baffoon………

  10. Pooky says:
    November 27, 2010 at 9:30 am
    I blame the Canadian education system for your lack of literacy skills Sensi.

    Pooky, I’m sure it was all a misunderstanding on your part, but I’ve taken the liberty to replace “Canadian” with American, and “literacy skills” with reading comprehension.



  11. 63% of all the statistics on the internet are made-up.

  12. There is no misunderstanding Steve, I was correct the first time.