Canadian universities drop in Times World Rankings -

Canadian universities drop in Times World Rankings

Only two of 19 schools improve their positions


Students at Guelph (Jessica Darmanin)

Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings are out and most of our schools are down.

Only two of 19 Canadian universities on the Top 400 list improved their positions—the University of Ottawa and the University of Montreal.

One explanation for this year’s poorer performance is that our schools are losing ground against institutions in Asia, particularly in places like Singapore and South Korea. (See here.)

Despite the tumble, Canada still has more schools on the list than most countries. Only the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands have more in the Top 200.

Below are where our universities fell in the 2012-13 Times World Rankings, along with where they sat in the 2011 Maclean’s University Rankings. Stay tuned—our 2012 rankings will be out soon.

21. University of Toronto (2nd in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

30. University of British Columbia
(3rd in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

34. McGill University
(1st in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

84. University of Montreal
(12th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

88. McMaster University
(6th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

121. University of Alberta
(5th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

171. University of Ottawa
(10th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

196. University of Victoria
(2nd in Maclean’s Comprehensive)

201-225. Queen’s University
(4th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

226-250. University of Calgary
(8th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

226-250. Carleton University
(7th in Maclean’s Comprehensive)

226-250. Laval University
(12th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

226-250. Simon Fraser University
(1st in Maclean’s Comprehensive)

226-250. University of Waterloo
(3rd in Maclean’s Comprehensive)

226-250. University of Western Ontario (9th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

251-275. Dalhousie University (6th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

301-350. University of Guelph
(4th in Maclean’s Comprehensive)

301-350. University of Manitoba
(15th in Maclean’s Medical-Doctoral)

301-350. York University
(9th in Maclean’s Comprehensive)


Canadian universities drop in Times World Rankings

  1. Why do we bother? I just want to scream when I hear the outrageous comments from the obscure seating areas in the House of Commons. We can’t manage to put together 308 well educated Canadians to represent us with intelligent discussion of the issues? I know that would require over a thousand candidates but is it really that difficult to do?

  2. Once, again, Canada is shamed on the world podium. For all the talk of “multiculturalism” and “liberal education”, it obviously had not worked. American universities still, even by European Standards like this. My fellow Canadians, our universities are a joke in the world no matter how much we huff and puff about ourselves. FACT, not rhetoric or typical Canadian “intellect” b.s.

    By the way, how embarrassing for Queen’s University…falling, falling, falling…Just a rich kid’s party school and nothing much else.