Canadian university presidents visit Israel

Should visit disputed territories, build relationships


Six university presidents recently spent a week in Israel visiting institutions and signing agreements.

The trip was funded in part by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy.

I do not object to the concept of university presidents traveling to Israel on a sponsored trip – these are academics capable of thinking for themselves after all.

I do believe they have a responsibility to balance their trip by visiting the disputed territories to form partnerships there as well.

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Canadian university presidents visit Israel

  1. I’m sorry, what is a disputed territory?

  2. I think in the Canadian culture we tend to be a bit obsessed with balance (or rather, the “appearance” of balance) and staying as much as possible away from any unpopular opinion.

  3. Two and a half hours before someone starts complaining about words….. I was betting less than 30 minutes.

    Not to worry, Wassim you are only the first. Both sides will drive me crazy for the next couple of days over my use of the word “disputed.”

    I believe there are two sides engaged in a debate over an area of land. This makes this “disputed territory.”

    I make no judgement about the validity of either side by using that wording. Of course, both sides will scream bloody murder because of my lack of interest in their respective terminology.

  4. I was sincerely not sure which territories you were referring to.

    Now I know. There was no hidden question/comment. Thank you for your prompt response.

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