Carleton students chased with machete

Attackers shouted ‘Zionists’ and ‘Jew’


Nick Bergamini, Vice-President Student Issues at Carleton University, says he and roommate Mark Klibanov were attacked early Monday morning by a group of men yelling that they were Zionists and Jews.

Bergamini, who is not Jewish but is a vocal supporter of Israel, was leaving a downtown bar around 1:45 a.m. when he responded to the shouts. “I said I love Israel because I support Israel’s right to exist,” Bergamini told the Ottawa Citizen. That’s when he and Klibanov found themselves surrounded by about 10 men. Bergamini says he was then struck in the back of the head.

Bergamini and Klibanov ran to the bar entrance where the bouncers were stationed. About 10 minutes later, as they were walking home, a car up alongside them. According to  Bergamini, who described the incident in a Facebook post, there were three men inside and the driver rolled down his window and said, “I f——g hit you, you Jew.”

As the men got out of the car, Bergamini says he heard one of them say, “Open the trunk,” as another reached in and allegedly pulled out a machete. The men began to run, being chased by a machete-wielding attacker. Klibanov told the Citizen that the weapon was nearly a foot from hitting Bergamini’s neck. “These people must have been Carleton students because I recognized one of them,” Bergamini told the paper.

A report has been filed with Gatineau police. Lt. Gilbert Couture confirmed that police are investigating.


Carleton students chased with machete

  1. These two young Jewish guys were out having a good time at a local bar. Then they are verbally attacked and threatened with a machete, they just happened to have in the trunk of their car….what does that tell you!

    These 10 gutless A-rab attackers should be kicked out of the Country ASAP, because they can’t control their hatred. I’m convinced they would have killed these Jewish guys had they caught them. These potential murderers don’t deserve to be in a civilized society, get rid of them!!


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  3. Being a supporter of racism – especially from a group as chauvinistic as Israeli’s, won’t win you any friends.

  4. Nowhere does it say that they were arabs, or “A-rabs” as you very degradingly put it. That also says something about the prejudice in our society…. educated, civilized people are not, in my opinion, supposed to quickly jump to conclusions… you too, my friend, do not seem to show much civilization.

    Sam…. Hamilton

  5. Where in the story does it say the attackers were Arabs. Anti-semitism existed in this country for a long time before we started admitting immigrants from the Arab world.

    The ethnicity of the attackers is not really relevant, but their apparent motive is.

    On a related note, did the activities around the so-called Israeli Apartheid Week serve to whip up latent hatreds among some Carleton students?

  6. No where does it say it that these men were Arab…then where the hell is security on that campus? I’ve been there before and I can tell you as a woman, walking through that camp ground at night could be very dangerous. They need security all through the night asap.

  7. Holy crap! Shocking behaviour! I can’t imagine it ever happening at U of T. I didn’t know Carleton was a redneck college.

    To Sam though, I don’t think it would be jumping to conclusions to assume these are not Canadian born attackers. We don’t tend to say “I fucking hit you, you Jew!”, and we also don’t tend to use machetes as our weapons of choice.

  8. The men were speaking Arabic and calling the victims “Zionists” in Arabic before the attack.

  9. See, now those are thugs.

  10. granted! that’s crazy!

  11. “Comment by Jim Edwards on 6 April 2010:
    Being a supporter of racism – especially from a group as chauvinistic as Israeli’s, won’t win you any friends. ”

    Do you even see the irony in your statement??

  12. There is too much here that simply does not add up. Why wouldn’t the students have called the police immediatly when they returned to the Bar? Why was this first put on Facebook and then much later reported to the police? There’s more. So if this happened as claimed then its a horrible anti-Semitic attack. If it proves otherwise, who picks up the pieces? I can hardly wait for the police report

  13. Jim Edwards, there is never EVER any excuse or explanation for this type of behavior. Being an apologist or your simple attempt to legitimize this attack is shocking. There is no place for that attitude.

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  15. Cal, you need a head transplant. When someone gets bitten by a dog, you don’t worry about the dog. When someone gets attacked by a swarm of bees, you don’t worry about the bees.

  16. Being a Carleton graduate, I can assure you that Carleton is not full of “rednecks” nor is it a “college”.

    Furthermore, Nick Bergamini is not an Isreali, nor Jewish, he simply is for the state of Isreal as it was created in 1948 after World War II.

    If someone has a problem with Isreal, perhaps they should take it up with the United Nations, and not individuals. If the United Nations decided that they would move Isreal from its current location to, lets say, Canada. Being Canadian, I do not think that I would spend my life trying to destroy it.

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and thoughts in Canada; but I must draw the line and say I am not entitled to someone else’s Machete at my neck.

  17. There is too much rhetoric and bullshlt on both sides here from what i have seen in comments by many individuals, to the point where the average Canadian is easily swayed without question to the point where all “A-rabs” should be labeled as misfits. This is simply more fuel for the fire and makes me feel like giving up on the issue, realizing the hatred is self perpetuating in the dimension surrounding Israel and Palestine.