“Cavesluts and Dinowhores” posters deemed offensive

Ski and Board Club admits mistake


The Ski and Board Club at the University of British Columbia has received a warning after advertising of a prehistoric-themed beer garden called “Cavesluts and Dinowhores” offended a student union staff member, who then complained. Posters pinned up around the Student Union Building showed “busty, scantily clad woman leaning against a dinosaur skull,” according to The Ubyssey, which has a photo. Ski and Board Club president Charlott Johansen addressed it. “It wasn’t meant to be at all degrading, but I guess we didn’t think it through enough,” she said. The posters appear to have been effective nonetheless—300 attended the Feb. 3 event.


“Cavesluts and Dinowhores” posters deemed offensive

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Check out our website for more info on our club and all our non-offensive activities!

  2. I find it highly ironic that Ski and Board Club is taking heat for having a “lewd” poster and that the UBC fraternities and sororities can get away with theirs (such as this recent “foreplay” party seen below).


    Lighten up Canada, don’t you know that sex sells?

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