CFS deputy chair-elect at centre of new Concordia controversy


The Concordia University student newspapers are reporting on a new student politics controversy at the university, this time involving a staffer of the CFS-Q who is also the deputy chair elect of the national student lobbying organization.

Noah Stewart, was seen on security footage removing seven posters during a recent student election campaign at Concordia. Stewart, a former VP of the Concordia Students Union, is currently employed by the Canadian Federation of Students – Quebec as a spokesperson.

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CFS deputy chair-elect at centre of new Concordia controversy

  1. Ha! Covering all the bases by pointing out that the offender came from the CFS-Q?

    Can someone please provide an argument as to why the CFS exists? They seem to be doing a piss-poor job of lobbying government on our behalf.

  2. The Maclean’s OnCampus team should be commended for keeping all of us across the country informed about the things that may otherwise go unnoticed on our campuses. That said, I do find it interesting that Maclean’s OnCampus hammers the CFS an awful lot. I’m by no means pro-CFS. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    But, there are TWO national student associations in this country. Where is my CASA news? Where is the report on the fact that University College of the Fraser Valley, the Alma Mater Society at University of British Columbia, and the student union at Bishops University have all downgraded their status in that organization? Where is coverage on the lobbying priorities of both CFS and CASA?Would those stories not be as newsworthy as this comic affair?

    Don’t get me wrong; The Stewart story is newsworthy, and elicits a few giggles. But along with stories like this, students deserve hard-hitting coverage of the type we saw during the York University strike.

  3. I love how the CFS attacks others for getting involved with student elections on “independent” campuses (see story about PC’s in Ontario organizing to take over SUs) when they surely do it themselves. When I was at Carleton the CFS basically picked and then ran the campaign for a slate – who btw won every time.

    It’s hypocritical, disgusting, and just plan stupid. Too bad the CFS doesn’t give a flying frig about its members – it just wants their $$$.

    Oh and by the way, they’re suing the SU at UPEI. Chalk up another victim of a lawyer’s dream the CFS.

  4. RE: Chris’ comments above.

    In all fairness, Joey Coleman has covered UBC’s membership downgrade. There should be more coverage of CASA, and also of the various provincial student groups (OUSA, etc.. who actually do great work), but you really can’t hold it against CASA that they have fewer scandals than the CFS (though there have been a couple).

    As for Jim’s comments: I don’t know of any CFS members school that has recently tried to leave without being sued. I wonder how students would feel if then knew that the CFS spends over 20% of its budget on legal fees – hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  5. Personal Note to the Author: Yes this Ian from University of Manitoba who you met in 2002 while helping us start our student grroup, still going strong by the way.

    Another example of the usefulness of the CFS outside of people fulfilling their political ambitions. The CFS is a waste of student dollars. THe amount of crap the CFS throws back at people who don’t uphold its ideals is crazy. If the CFS wants to fight for students then do something that’s helpful and maybe, just maybe people wouldn’t want to leave and then end up in court. I used to be a big CFS supporter, but after reading about their legacy in the last 5 years I have no other choice but to conclude they are one of the worst representatives for students in this country. I think that students should boycott CFS unless we start to see measurable applicable results. Even then I think we might be too far gone.

  6. Justin: Grad students at Victoria didn`t get sued for trying to leave in the past year.. Just the others there were `issues` apparently

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