CFS supports York strike, gives CUPE $2,500


According to a report in The Excalibur, the Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario* has given CUPE 3903 a $2,500 donation which is assisting the union to provide free lunches to striking TAs, GAs, and contract faculty at York.

I bet York students are thrilled to learn their student fees are helping keep them out of class.

The Canadian Federation of Students national headquarters says it was the Ontario branch, not the “Canadian Federation of Students.” READ MORE HERE


CFS supports York strike, gives CUPE $2,500

  1. I’m curious, when will this blog ever explore where the millions of dollars in tuition fees are spent by university administrations? The incredible focus of this website on student union decisions, notably those of the CFS (not CASA or non-CFS provincial student organizations), seems to miss the fact that student union politics is small-fry compared to what’s actually going on in the education system. It’s quite revealing about the priorities and intent of this blog.

  2. Doug, I know you didn’t miss all the coverage of presidential salaries and perks.

    Are you justifying the actions of the CFS on the basis that their bad but others are worse?

  3. I like this blog precisely because it focuses on student union issues. There really isn’t any other place you can get coverage like this. Were this blog to try an be all things to all people in education, it wouldn’t be as effective. Blogs SHOULD focus on niche issues that MSM does not.

    As for the CFS thing, one has to remember that most schools are CFS, so most news will be from CFS schools. I’m sure if Western screwed up as much as York and Carleton have lately, we’d hear about it too.

    Maybe there is simply a correlation between crazy and CFS; which seems a lot more plausible than Joey being part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  4. I do think there should be more coverage of CASA and OUSA in terms of any mistakes that they make. That being said, Joey has a bias and this blog is just his opinion. Readers should get their information from a variety of sources and not come to conclusions strictly based on a blogger’s opinions. Joey’s blog is just another source of information among many.

  5. If CASA and OUSA were making the same number of controversial decisions, I would be covering them as well.

    I don’t play favourites as a watchdog.

  6. Or is the lack of OUSA, CASA, etc coverage because they don’t do anything?

    “Are you justifying the actions of the CFS on the basis that their bad but others are worse?” – hmmm loaded question, eh?

    The presidential perks and salaries was indeed important, and thanks for the handy table. It’s the reason I have kept returning to this blog.

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