Chinese students hooked up to IVs -

Chinese students hooked up to IVs

Drips relax and energize students ahead of exams: school


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An official in China has confirmed that a controversial photo of high school students hooked up to intravenous drips is real, reports China Daily.

The photo, taken at a school in Xiaogang City, Hubei during a late-night study session, was posted by a microblogger this week and quickly spread across the country. Students are currently preparing for June’s competitive National College Entrance Exam, also known as the Gaokao.

A spokesman for the school said that the drips contain amino acids to help students relax and stay energized. Experts warn that the practice has no proven benefit and comes with a small risk of infection.


Chinese students hooked up to IVs

  1. ‘no proven benefit’ – but maybe the placebo effect does help the students relax and therefore perform better!

    But seriously, the fact that there is a perceived need to be at school still studying late at night and on an IV drip to help relax would suggest that there is a pressing need to reform the assessment practices.

  2. How great! In the US it’s illegal drugs such as Adderall, but China gets approved meds. Makes sense to me.

    • …Except that adderall is *not* an “illegal drug”, and amino acids with “no proven benefit” are in no way “meds”, “approved” or otherwise.

      I don’t even know what point you were trying to make, but your argument isn’t convincing.

  3. The culture in Asia is different than it is here in North America. North Americans won’t understand.