Crandall University defends "sexual purity" requirement -

Crandall University defends “sexual purity” requirement

Policy effectively bars GLBTQ staff


Seth Crowell, vice-president of Crandall University, told CBC News that the Moncton, N.B. institution has the right to effectively bar GLBTQ people from working there despite public funding.

Crandall, a Christian university, has a “Moral Code” that requires staff to be “be sexually pure, reserving sexual intimacy for within a traditional marriage between one man and one woman.”

Crowell told CBC that a 1983 act of the legislature gave what was then Atlantic Baptist College the right to grant degrees with “a viewpoint that is Christian.” Since 1996, Crandall has received about $24 million in funding from all levels of government, according to Global News.


Crandall University defends “sexual purity” requirement

  1. If a religiously-oriented university can get away with “legislating” the morality of staff, what else does it do? Does it have restrictions on what can be taught, what areas faculty can research, what students can say and write?

    It’s also worth noting that Crandall’s approach appears to bar common law relationships, single adults who date and are sexually active, and those who practice alternative lifestyles.

    In my opinion, these kind of restrictions or requirements do not belong in a university in Canada, and government funding should be shut off immediately.

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