Christian university raises loads of cash -

Christian university raises loads of cash

Bigger schools will be jealous when they see how much


If there was ever any question about whether faith-based universities have a future in Canada, there shouldn’t be anymore. Tyndale University College in Toronto has raised $44 million in just four years, which it plans to use for a new campus in Toronto’s Bayview area. Considering that the school has only 1,300 students, that’s an impressive figure. It works out to $34,000 per current student. By comparison, York University, just down the road from Tyndale, reported a total endowment of $46-million and a student population of 47,000 in its most recent annual report. That’s less than $1,000 per student. In addition to buying property for their new campus, Tyndale will use the money to pay for new degree programs, distance courses and open education.

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Christian university raises loads of cash

  1. This is a great news to hear. People still believe in Faith.

  2. Smaller class size, professors that have sacrificed working in bigger places and the role of faith that there is more than enough room for Him and up to date learning in the classroom make Tyndale unique. We are blessed with an extension to our campus – lets pray that we don’t lose our community feeling that we had in the past!

    Thanks to all the alumni that support our school!

  3. The term ‘University Collage’ carries implications of secular objectivity and the dissemination of information vetted by scientific method. It would appear that this is an institute whose raison d’etre is the existence of a fictional supernatural being.

    To include theological seminaries in ranking with their secular cousins is less than informative.