Classes must be held on campus: McGill

Prof. moved class to living room to avoid picket lines


A McGill University professor who moved her Islamic studies class to her living room to avoid crossing the picket lines of striking workers has been told to get back to campus or lose her pay.

Prof. Michelle Hartman said she was told by Christopher Manfredi, the Arts Dean, that she can’t do her job properly off campus. “I told him I’m moving it back under protest,” she told the Montreal Gazette. She wanted to avoid campus as a symbol of solidarity with the strikers.

Provost Anthony Masi wrote to all professors on Tuesday to clarify the school’s position: “A professor’s right not to cross a picket line does not confer any right to move classes away from campus,” he wrote. Students had complained of inconvenient off-campus classes, he said.

McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA) employees have been striking since Sept. 1. MUNACA has asked McGill for a 3 per cent wage increase each year for three years, plus a wage scale where employees reach maximum pay in six years. Negotiations continue.


Classes must be held on campus: McGill

  1. Oh the hypocrisy! I have first hand experience of being regularly unable to secure seminar rooms on McGill campus (for lack of space) forcing our profs to meet albeit small groups in local cafés!! How is this different? Learning is learning anywhere you chose to call a classroom…..oh wait….maybe it’s this little thing called a strike which has suddenly changed the definition!! Rooms are still lacking, any way you choose to call it!!

  2. So glad McGill’s unconscionable stance on the strike and the faculty members who have come out in support of it is being brought out into the open! Why should non-academic staff members at McGill not have access to the same benefits available to other university staff in Canada? Appalling that Prof. Hartman cannot proceed with a legal gesture of protest.

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