Coleman on air: CHQR 770AM Calgary. Topic: CUSA

First it was off, then it was on. A discussion on “Shinegate”.


I will be live on The Rutherford Show at 10:30am Mountain Time. (12:30pm Eastern)

The topic will be the Carleton University Student Association situation.

You can listen to the live stream at http://www.qr77.com/ and click on the Listen Live link.


Coleman on air: CHQR 770AM Calgary. Topic: CUSA

  1. Joey Coleman predicted “CUSA president won’t survive the week…”

  2. Well, she won’t resign. And it takes at least three months to impeach her so I think she will survive the week. Her hopes for reelection and avoiding unemployment are likely dashed though. No CFS-O chairperson position for this one!

  3. Sounds like the bylaws need to be fixed as well. No surprise, many SUs have bylaws designed to prevent a change in leadership.

  4. Well, I doubt it, a motion to impeach her is being presented at their next meeting on monday.

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