College makes drug tests mandatory -

College makes drug tests mandatory

Students fight back with class-action lawsuit


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An American college, Linn State Technical in Missouri, implemented a mandatory drug testing program this month, claiming to be the first college in the U.S. to sample students’ urine.

“Drug screening is becoming an increasingly important part of the world of work,” the school wrote in a statement. If students refuse to urinate in a cup, they face possible expulsions.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday alleging the school has violated its students’ constitutional rights. Also on Wednesday, a Missouri federal judge granted the ACLU’s request for a restraining order to stop the school from analysing the urine specimens it collected or releasing any of the test results, an ACLU spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

“Linn State Technical College…. has had no documented drug problems over the course of its 50-year history and no reason to suspect that the students subject to testing have been engaged in the use or abuse of illegal drugs,” says the statement of claim filed by the ACLU. “The mandatory, suspicionless drug testing required under the College’s new policy is a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. Ordinarily, the Fourth Amendment prohibits such searches…”

Kent Brown, a lawyer representing the college told the Wall Street Journal: “Linn State Technical College takes seriously its responsibility to deliver quality technical education to Missouri students while exploring every available avenue to protect and prepare those students to compete effectively in occupations where pre-employment drug testing is quickly becoming the norm.”


College makes drug tests mandatory

  1. I go to lstc an I think the drug test are a good idea. First when you have kids operating heavy equipment safty is a problem. And when we get out on the work force we will be tested to

    • Too bad LSTC doesn’t consider the effects of bad spelling and grammar to be dangerous as well. Maybe they would implement a class on basic English skills, which would, I’m sure have a better effect on the students actually getting one of those jobs.

  2. Good thing the students are fighting back. If this kind of thing spilled over into Canada, most BC universities would soon be down quiet a few students. (And faculty members, I suspect.)

  3. Funny that they state quite plainly that they’re trying to get people used to the idea of drug testing early.

    Sort of liek RIDE checks, where they pull over EVERYBODY under the guise that “they might, possibly, maybe pull over someonw who might have been drinking.” They NEVER say it as plainly as the school did, that they’re just trying to condition their students to accept attacks on their basic human rights! Same agenda, same procedure, but at least the school told the people the truth: It’s about CONDITIONING PEOPLE TO ACCEPT MORE AND MORE PRIVACY INTRUSIONS.

  4. …and to be equitable, mandatory alcohol testing for all faculty.