Concordia Student Union sues CFS

Referendum to leave national student group still not recognized


The Concordia Student Union filed a lawsuit against the Canadian Federation of Students earlier this week, so that the results of a referendum to leave the organization will be recognized. In March 2010’s vote, Concordia students voted 2,348 to 931 to defederate from the national student lobby group, but the CFS maintains that Concordia is still member. The CSU is also asking Quebec Superior Court to throw out an agreement signed by a previous student president that stated the CSU owed the CFS $1 million in membership fees. The CSU is seeking $100,000 in damages, and the CFS has until June 1 to file its own court documents, the Canadian University Press reported. A similar lawsuit is being waged by the McGill Post Graduate Students’ Society, whose members have also voted to leave the CFS.

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Concordia Student Union sues CFS

  1. Yeah Go Concordia! waha!

  2. Odd timing to do this in the middle of an election campaign.

  3. @jsmyth: Good point. I dunno. I find student politics largely ridiculous.

    In Quebec, and particularly at Concordia:
    “Students are poor! We need money! Tuition should be free!” (Even though we pay less than half the national average of $5000, and have the lowest graduation rate. And that tuition has stayed the same regardless of inflation for years.)

    At union executive meeting:
    “OK. Cost for beer at orientation: $25,000. Cost for guest speaker for 1 hour: $60,000.” etc.

    If students are so poor, where are our priorities?

    We both know the CFS will use a lot of student money to defend themselves rigorously, that this will take a while, and more student money will go to “studentless” causes.

  4. I’ll add a point:

    I found the CSU’s budget as of September 2010. (In other words, doesn’t take into account what actually transpired this year.)

    The total projected expenses are: $1,988,140 and the total surplus is $55,349 that means the overall budget for the year is $2,043,489.

    For example, $100,000 is allocated to legal fees. $195,000 is allocated to orientation.

    Do we really really need groups like K’naan to perform at Concordia?

    Stop demanding taxpayers fund our education, while we waste money on ludicrous initiatives that have no value towards the end-result of getting our degree. Ex: waterbottles, “green initiatives”, campaigns against tuition increases (oh the irony)… etc.

    Source: http://www.csu.qc.ca/index.php?module=Downloads&func=view&cid=521&start=0

  5. Too bad the Duffs, Boykos, Pratts, Farringtons, Soules and Stewarts of this world couldn’t get real corporate jobs where they could have fleeced wealthy shareholders into paying them hefty salaries for little work, instead of living large on the backs of starving students

  6. Justice is on life support.

    It’s amazing how much time and effort we waste, pretending that our legal system is not extremely dysfunctional.


    Reminds me of every lawyer joke I have ever heard –they’re all true.

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