Conservatives conspire on campus clubs

Tory reps promoted setting up “shell” and “front organizations” to get student union funding


I heard about this story on CBC Radio this morning:

Tactics for defeating Public Interest Research Groups. Strategies for keeping the left-leaning Canadian Federation of Students off campus.

These are some of the workshops the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association held at Wilfrid Laurier University last month.

Leaked recordings and documents from those workshops have set campus newspapers and blogs abuzz.

The Canadian Federation of Students alleges the leaked information reveals a Tory plan to interfere with student politics.

A number of audio recordings, photos and other files have been posted on wikileaks.org by an anonymous source. In one of the audio recordings Aaron Wudrick, former campaign manager for Tory MP Peter Braid, and Ryan O’Connor, a former vice-president of the Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo, discuss setting up “shell organization[s]” and “front groups” to access more student union funding and make it appear as though conservative causes have more support amongst students than they actually do.


Conservatives conspire on campus clubs

  1. Funny that the CFS is calling out other people for getting involved in student politics. -please see story about CFS-Q ecx ripping down election posters-

    I hope this conservative group successes in getting rid of CFS, they have wasted far to much student money for far to long!

    I am very much of left wing ideology but just can’t understand CFS. I just can’t support a group that claims to work for students, but turns around and sues students union and student newspapers every other year. Its student money they are using on lawyers to sue other students who then have to spend more student money to defend them selfs…its just a vicious cycle that has to stop.

    I just don’t understand.

  2. Good on them! Why not have a bit of political fun during your university days. It’s a blast!!!

  3. This is absolutely outrageous. Talk about stooping low. On second thought, you can’t expect much else from the Conservative party.

  4. The link for the above article is broken as of 1602, March the 21st.

  5. lol

    the cfs complaining about training students to subvert the political process…..


    oh the irony…..

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