Ann Coulter went home

UOttawa talk cancelled after protesters raise safety concerns


A controversial event at the University of Ottawa featuring right-wing U.S. pundit Ann Coulter was cancelled due to apparent safety concerns, after 200 students gathered in protest outside.

Lawyer and political activist Ezra Levant, who was slated to speak before Coulter, broke the news to the half-filled auditorium in Marion Hall, after chaos at the registration table and a pulled fire alarm caused delays. “The police and the security have advised that it would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event and for others to come in,” Levant said.

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Controversy has stemmed from Coulter’s writing, which some critics say promotes hate.

In one prominent column she wrote for the after September 11, Coulter said: “We know who the homicidal maniacs are. They are the ones cheering and dancing right now. We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

Coulter was scheduled to speak at the Ottawa campus as part of a three-stop Canadian tour that started at the University of Western Ontario on Monday and ends at the University of Calgary on Thursday. The events were organized by the International Free Press Society in partnership with student Conservative groups on each campus.

Students in Ottawa lined up more than an hour before the event was set to start and the entrance to the auditorium quickly filled as the crowd attempted to push and bargain their way past the volunteers who were trying to verify who had registered in advance.

According to volunteers, only those on their lists who had confirmed registration would be let into the auditorium.

Inside, Levant cited the letter sent to Coulter by the University of Ottawa vice-president academic and provost Francois Houle, that he said concealed a “veiled threat” and was the source of controversy leading up to Coulter’s arrival in Canada.

In his letter, of which a copy was obtained by the National Post, Houle urged Coulter to act with “restraint” and warned her Canadian laws for freedom of speech differ from those in the United States. He advised that before arriving at the University of Ottawa campus Coulter should “educate [her]self as to what is acceptable in Canada” and to “weigh [her] words with respect and civility in mind.”

That message was echoed by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, who Levant said, took their cue from the administration. The SFUO opposed Coulter’s arrival on campus, and Levant said ripped down posters advertising the event.

“Francois Houle got his wish,” Levant said. “He telegraphed to the community that the University of Ottawa is not a place for free debate like Western Ontario.” Levant’s speech was met by shouts of “Shame!” and “We want Ann!” from the raucous crowd.

Bjorn Larsen, the president of the International Free Press Society, the group who organized Coulter’s speaking tour, expressed his disappointment at having to cancel the event. “I promise you that we will try to bring Ann Coulter back,” Larsen said, which received loud applause from the audience, but was drowned out by protesters in the back who chanted “Ann go home!”

“It is an embarrassing day for the University of Ottawa and their student body,” Levant said. But protesters outside were happy to see the event cancelled. Levant said there were “2,000 intimidating protesters pressing against police,” but officers confirmed there was closer to 200 demonstrators.

Those who had gathered broke out in chants of: “Whose campus? Our campus!” after the event was cancelled, as police barred the way to the front doors of the building. A few pro-Coulter supporters came around to the front of the building and engaged in impromptu and heated debate with the protesters.

One student held a sign that read: “Free speech stops at hate speech.”

“We came together because we’re angry about the fact that Ann Coulter’s views risked being exposed on our campus,” said University of Ottawa student Mike Fancie. “The precedent that Ann Coulter set by publicly . . . insulting a Muslim student at the University of Western last night shows that she had no intention of being civil and no intention of avoiding attacks on minorities last night.”

During her speech to a crowd of 800 at the University of Western Ontario Monday night, Coulter told Muslim student Fatima Al-Dhaher to “take a camel” as an alternative to flying, the National Post reported. Coulter has said previously that Muslims should be banned from airplanes and instead use “flying carpets.” Al-Dhaher had asked Coulter how she was expected to travel, since she didn’t own a flying carpet.

Coulter also told the UWO crowd that the University of Ottawa provost’s letter has made her a victim of “hate crime” and that she would be taking it up with the Human Rights Commission.

SFUO president Seamus Wolfe said earlier in the day that he thought the provost’s letter to Coulter was “reasonable.” Wolfe said he had heard from a number of students over the past few days who were outraged about Coulter’s arrival at the university.

“Anyone that consistently promotes hatred of violence towards any individual or group of people should not be permitted to use a public institution, like a university, as a soapbox for that hatred and promotion of violence,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe was outside the building after the announcement that the event was cancelled. “I’m very happy that the students have spoken loud and clear, and that hate speech is not allowed at the University of Ottawa,” he said.

Coulter has appeared as a political and legal commentator on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

This story has been updated.


Ann Coulter went home

  1. coulter is like a spoiled child that has been taught that negative behaviour reaps reward and consequently continues on with negative behaviour in order to get that reward.

    every time she says something outlandish, she sells more books. so, she says more outlandish things.

    as with any spoiled child, the solution is twofold:

    1) stop rewarding negative behaviour.
    2) ignore her when she behaves negatively.

    the letter sent to her was not a threat and her frivolous suit will be thrown out. the letter was actually a compassionate request that she ensure that she is clear upon the differences between canadian and american law when it comes to making public statements. one would expect that, as an american, she would be familiar with american law. however, that familiarity would neither ensure that she is following canadian law when she speaks in canada, nor would it absolve her of any consequences that may result from breaking canadian law while within canada.

    if she were to show up at the school (why is she speaking at a school in the first place? she’s not an academic and her audience would hardly consist primarily of academics.) and break canadian law, she would naturally be held accountable. who would want to see that happen?

    she should be sending both an apology to the university of ottawa for mischaracterizing the letter that was sent to her and a thank you note to the univeristy of ottawa for pointing out that our laws are not identical and that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

  2. Oh no! The Comedy event got cancelled :)

    I was genuinely looking forward to it just so I could laugh at the new plethora of stupid crap that comes out of Coulter’s mouth.

    All jokes aside, thank God she went home. She’s honestly just a s***-disturber who profits off of controversy.

  3. Get a life everybody, comments are personal, our universities, (largely paid for by the tax payers and private enterprise), faculty and students have no right to block any one to speak up, right or left. I believe the students should be doing homework instead of this silly kind of protesting I FIND IT INCREDIBLE THAT A SMALL PART of the student body stopped this. But I have the feeling the Ms. Coulter sure has had more publicity that money could buy!! If the students and just a few people had shown up to listen to her instead of the usual left wing bullying her in the first place, you may have had a dialogue. Are you really our brightest ?? I am specially disturbed by the commnts of Mr. Houle

  4. And oh right post your names instead of hiding!

  5. The right to free speech does not impart any right to a venue. She can go do her attention act somewhere else. That’s all it is.

  6. My last comment was under the name ‘Annonymous’

    but now you know my real name. Happy?

  7. Tobias, I would like to know, please: how do you feel about what the Tea Party protesters did to Congressman Lewis and others? Or the protester that disrupted proceedings, while certain Republicans cheered? Was that behavior incorrect as well? Because, from the reports, it certainly appears that those actions were far worse than a few hundred students protesting… even if there were more protesters than audience members.

    Do you condemn protest on both sides, or only the side you oppose?

    As for free speech, I agree that it stops at hate speech. And I agree that Ann Coulter and others spread hate and violence. I also believe that she has no belief except those which will enrich her. There are others I could name.

    At the same time, I will say that there are talking heads and news sources on the Left that stoop lower than I personally feel is acceptable. To me, one grave issue is the level to which our political discourse has devolved.

    We are being fed lies and distortions daily, and are being driven apart by the most divisive wedge issues, not realizing how detrimental to our own well being, and that of our country’s, this all is.

    But that discussion is far too long for this format. So let me return to the two core questions:

    1. Do you condemn protest on both sides, or just one?

    2. Do you think hate speech is free speech? DO you think inciting violence is free speech?

    Lane Baldwin

  8. welcome to fascist Canada… run by loud, PLO jew haters, muslim haters, anarchists, lesbian/gay/tranny professional protestors, trotskyites, liberal dolts and all manner of just plain idiots…
    how about the right start protesting every left wing dolt, pulling fire alarms for every left wing dolt speaker, threaten violence too, just like these fine left wing jerks…

    great example of just how screwed up Canada has become… welcome more diversity from other countries where they are used to this sort of violent stuff… welcome the peace loving immigrants who live in enclaves and milk the Canadian system for welfare off the government tit…

    yahoo Canada.

  9. I was there tonight, and honestly, those screaming ‘Down with hate speech’ were also claiming that they promoted free speech, but when confronted with any questions about their censoring of those with dissenting opinions, they begin chanting mindless slogans. These students were completely ignorant of their own hypocrisy and it was absolutely disgraceful. Adults who had come from around Ottawa were appalled at these students who pulled the fire alarm, ripped one of Coulter’s books, and blared a siren to attempt to mute dissent amongst the crowd. These are the people who are a danger to our society, not those who will openly take criticism of their beliefs, no matter how moderate or radical they may be. I was thoroughly ashamed of my fellow students and refuse to be lumped in with a crowd of ignoramuses and hypocrites. Long live freedom of speech, and long live Canada.

  10. Excellent! Our students showed the world what Canada stands for! We are not the United States of America and our laws should not be compared to theirs. We have our own laws and if Coultier cannot abide by them then she can stay out. She is racist, this is well published, she has called for the murder of world leaders, she is basically a very bad person and this is just a desperate, pathetic, publicity stunt!
    Thank you to all the students that stood up for Canada and denounced this hate monger!

    I really think that Canada should not even debate this. Its just a sick obsessive compulsive loop that she is trying to lure us into and we don’t have to go there!

  11. What has U of Ottawa come to! Same amount of free speach as Iran.

  12. Why was she allowed entry to Canada? People far less virulent have been denied.

  13. dgjkfhjfhlflfa:
    Thank youuu. I always think any time Ann Coulter pops up: “Just don’t look, just don’t look!”. Somewhat of a pre-Sarah Palin, Coulter is an under-educated pageant-type who loves to spout hateful nonsense because it gets her attention (negative, positive, she does not care).

    She has nothing valid or valuable to say. She seems to think she’s some kind of crusader who “says what no one else dares to”. Ann, ever heard of ‘The Internet’? She should be given about as much attention as ranting bloggers and forum-goers. Click, shudder, move on…

  14. This has nothing to do with Ann Coulter and her views. It has everything to do with a CANADA completely in denial of its own weaknesses. Completely without dialogue between debating voices. Completely lost self-control in the form of a bunch of irrational monkeys outside of a public university. This is shameful. This is not a part of CANADA I know. WE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!!! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AND NOT BE SHUT OUT OR MUZZLED BY A GROUP OF OBTUSE LOSERS. LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH IN ALL ITS GLORIOUS FORMS!!!

  15. Ann Coulter is completely irrelevant.

  16. Yes, if I knew all the words to “OH CANADA” I would sing it. I love you Canada. Thank you for doing something good in this insane time.

  17. This is a very positive event. Francois Houle’s letter was magnificent. The fees Coulter receives for her hate-mongering are obscene. College students could certainly better use that money to hire a real comedian or a real political commentator. This poor woman needs serious help, not a platform. I applaud those who had the guts to pull the plug on this one.

  18. Perhaps all those ranting about how Canada has no free speech should understand what free speech laws do in both Canada and the U.S. Neither country’s laws assure you the right to speak whatever you want without fear that your fellow citizens will attempt to muzzle you. All the laws about free speech ensure is that the government will not muzzle you. There is one caveat; in Canada disseminating hate speech can result in criminal charges. Most Canadians agree with this (sorry Ernst Zundl, you are in the minority).

    Ann was effectively muzzled by people who disagree with her viewpoints. They used their legal right of protest to indicate their disdain for Ann’s positions and, in response, she elected not to speak (or perhaps the police decided it was too dangerous). Either way, nobody’s right to free speech was infringed. The government did not muzzle Ann nor, in fact, did the university.

    To all you blatherers, learn the background behind events before you start spouting off half-cocked, half-witted, uneducated posts.

  19. People who propagate hate speech always claim free speech as a right. We know where that leads in the US, from all the display during the health care reform last year. The free speech degenerates into simple bigoted name calling without any rational content.

    The objection to Coulter is simple: she expresses her opinion in the most disrespectful and hate-inspiring manner. It is unacceptable in Canada, especially an institution of higher learning in the capital of our respectful country. Does free speech allow bigotry just because it is speech, void of civilized content? That would be going too far, as some of these very people would say, for political correctness. Canada does not allow free speech without limits for good reason.

    People who use free speech to hide their own bigotry can voice their opinions in private. When they do it in public, they can expect vigorous objections, and restrictions.

  20. U of O has class! Coulter is a bigot dragging that filthy cross everywhere she goes! Looks like the pope is reaching from the bottom of the deck with a joker! Full of hate!

  21. I’m an American who saw this story on Huffingtonpost. It’s too bad Coulter wasn’t allowed to talk. That way you could have seen first hand what a hateful right wing lunatic she is.

    At one college speech a couple of years ago, she told the students someone should murder US Supreme Court Justice Stevens, who is considered a liberal.

    One of her heroes is Tim McVeigh, who blew up a federal office building in Oklahoma City with a truck bomb and killed 168 people, including children in a day care center. She has said she wished he’d set off the bomb in downtown New York City in front of the New York Times (this was before 9/11). Had he done so, he probably would have killed about 500 people.

    Coulter spreads hatred and supports right wing terrorists like McVeigh. Is this someone you really want coming to your country to tell you what to think?

  22. It’s quite amazing to me that the asinine, ignorant, and irrelevant Anne Coulter is even allowed into the country and someone as principled and honest as George Galloway is barred.

    Must we really spiral downwards to meet the current lowest US common denominator?
    It’s pathetic and any bleats about “rights of free speech” are laughable.

    We need to weed out the plethora of ignorant Fox News type chaff from any debate, because it’s inclusion actually automatically inhibits debate. We need intelligent discourse, not ignorant Murdock-level propaganda.

  23. Ann Coulter has free speech rights as do the students who objected to the hate filled content of her speech. Thank you, Canada for showing U.S. students how to value and use our right to free speech. The imposition of decorum is often misinterpreted as license to spew hate. And Ann Coulter abuses that particular social contract. Every person in Coulter’s audience has a right to shout her down and shut her speech down. Free speech in not the exclusive domain of the hate mongers.

  24. Good show, Canada. Now can you come south and help us chase her out of town too?

  25. Freedom of speech does not include hate speech, despite what many Conservatives seem to believe both here (US) and in Canada.

    So sad, it is Americans like Ann C. –and the rest of the morally and intellectually crippled talking heads at Fox News– who are partially to blame for the rest of the world to hate “America.”

  26. She has a right to speak, I have a right to protest, and if she does not like it she can go home.

    Hate mongers and people who incite to crime are not welcome to Canada. That’s it.

  27. I bet he’ll use this to incite more of his readers / listeners. Though I don’t see him on TV or radio anymore. Does he have a radio or TV show?

  28. I didn’t interpret that letter as a threat of any kind. Hate is all she does. It was the kind and responsible thing to do to inform her in advance that Canadian laws on speech are different than in the US, so she could make her own decision about adjusting her conduct or not. I don’t think she would have been very pleased if she’d found out about the different laws the hard way.

  29. Did anyone notice how the rants against the protestors and in favour of Coulter seemed to stop around midnight? Perhaps it is the case that once everyone east of (and including) Texas and, I can only assume, south of the Mason Dixon line goes to bed, intelligent discourse can occur.

  30. To Lane,
    Yes. Hate speech is free speech.

  31. Apparently, for the extreme right-wingers who asked Coulter to come to Ottawa, requesting that someone act civilly is “a threat”. These people are as whacked out as the American teabaggers. Just goes to show that every nation has its facists!

  32. I always knew I liked Canada! That vile creature does not deserve a stage anywhere. That filthy and hatred spewing vomit that erupts from the creature each time the mouth is opened is sickening and disgusting and demonstrates that it is not of the same species as human kind.

  33. I wish the protests had been more civilized. (And not involved a false fire alarm! May prosecution follow for that!) However, I am glad to know that Ms. Coulter did not find a welcome reception at the U of O.

    Too bad she’s had any attention in Canada at all. Who on earth is attending this hate-mongers events? Are there really any self-respecting Canadians who would pay money or go out of their way to hear the woman who wrote that we were lucky to be allowed to exist on the same continent as the USA?

    I don’t see here event listed on the U of Calgary site for Thursday night. I wonder if she’s “been cancelled” there in advance.

  34. ” requesting that someone act civilly is “a threat”. ”

    Couldn’t agree more, Dan Cobb. Ms. Coulter could use some better reading comprehesion skills. (Maybe the letter was in French??)

  35. So, to all of you who think that Canada is a Jew-hating nation, let me remind you that if Germany had the same strength 75 years ago as Canada showed last night, tens of millions of grandchildren would be alive today, saying, “I am alive today because the world decided that everyone can have an opinion, but hate speech gets no podium”. But, many of the cries for “free speech” in these comments sound like 1936 Bavaria, clamoring for more freedoms for Canadians, decrying the existence of immigrants, and suggesting that hate speech is simply an opinion to be shared with all as an objective discussion. Please re-think your line of reasoning.

  36. If anyone who went out and protested is reading this…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING YOU! I had to write a 10 page paper last night, so I couldn’t make it, but I was furious all day that that hate-monger was coming here. It’s not so bad when she’s talking like she does from another country, but I was really sad that she was coming here to spread her hate.

    I almost can’t believe you guys succeeded. Whoever pulled the fire alarm is a genius. Thank you all for making my week, I am so proud of my fellow students right now!

    Good work guys, and to the conservatives who invited her: what the hell? If you want a conservative to come tell you how great selfishness is, could you at least have gotten one that’s less blatant about her religious zealotry and hate speech? She once said that we Canadians are lucky that America allows us to exist on the same continent, and refused to apologize to a Jewish interviewer when she claimed that the Christians would “perfect them”. Hell when asked what her vision of America was regarding minorities, she clammed up, she couldn’t tell the truth of what “her America” was on TV because deep down she wishes there were only white christians and that manifest destiny actually happens. I’m okay with you guys being selfish capitalist assholes, but try to get someone less blatantly evil next time.


    As free as Fidel’s Cuba.

    As free as Chavez’s Venezuela.

    As free as Ahmadinejad’s Iran.


    Comforting to know Canada’s future leaders in our nation’s capital are being groomed in the ‘correct’ manner.

    University of Ottawa is a cesspool of delinquents and racists.

    One would be well-advised not to hire a graduate of that evil daycare centre.

  38. It isn’t Ann Coulter who’s irrelevent, it’s you pathetic groupthink soldiers of the fundamentalist left who in this day and age pass for students. So what if the woman is poisonous? Do you have so little confidence in the strength of your arguments or your debating skills that you’re afraid to face her on level ground?
    The behavior of the troop of howler monkies who bullied her of the podium is no different from that of Hitler’s blackshirts on the streets of Berlin.

  39. I find it incredible that anyone would support Coulter. Just goes to show what’s lurking under Canada’s Conservative movement.

  40. Congratulations. You Canadians are smarter than the Americans. By observing how the ultra-neo-con hate-mongers like Ann Coulter have damaged US society, you were able to avoid introducing the toxin into your own (at least at U of O).

  41. That Galoway guy was not even allowed in Canada and all he wanted to do was talk about the Afghan war, and we invite Ann in to promote hate and racism. Where was the conservative party then? How pathetic your double standards. Only when it suits your war mongering needs do you step in. Now that is a disgrace towards Canada! My hat goes down to the protesters. Nice one. oh, dont count me in for Lib party either, our political choice is also emabarrassing.

  42. “Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.”

    ~ A-Houle, V.P., Cesspool

    The scumbag leftist media only report the ‘civility’ portion of A-Houle’s letter, not the threat to criminally prosecute a person before they touch ground in Canada.

    And the babies in the U of O evil daycare look up from their playstations and bleet in unison like sheep.

    Voltaire’s views on the matter are summarized as “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    U of O’s views on the matter are summarized as “If you are not politically-left, a zombie spewing ‘approved’ speech, a fascist dictating acceptable views, I will defend our right to kill you.”

    Pathetic little weasels.

  43. Ann Coulter is a barbarian. The provost at the University, having learned that someone possessed of so few manners was coming for a visit, acted correctly in advising her of a few of the requirements of civilised society. He wanted to be sure that Coulter knew that her practice of some of the worst customs of her half-civilised homeland would not be permitted in a more polite society. Congratulations to the Provost on understanding how to advise a visiting lout.

  44. I’m very proud to live in a country that still has people willing to draw the line and demand at least a modicum of civility. The stuff that Coulter spews is appealing only to those of the worst character: racists, bullies and crooks. Just like some people’s idea of the “free market” led to fraud and the imperilment of the global economy, so will some people’s idea of “free speech” lead to hate and violence. Coulter is completely devoid of any sense of moral responsibility for the things she says, and so she should be shunned and shamed.

  45. It’s surprising how light the shackles feel on college campuses. Not that this sort of dangerously silly thinking isn’t lost on us in the States we suffer from it terribly worse in some aspects.

    First off great job on the Gold in hockey what an awesome game. My hats off to Canada in defense of your great national past time. Way to go Canada. We’ll get you next time.

    That being said it’s clear you far better at hockey than thinking rationally. A lot of you commenting should be embarrassed I’ve read how uneducated and undereducated Ann is lol really? Is that just pretend talk or wishful thinking? If she’s wrong debate her and prove it, put your mighty mental up against this dumb uneducated mental midget. That’s some comedy I’d pay to see. Coulter vs. super smart student # 671. Try writing multiple number one best sellers refuting her best sellers.

    If you hate that she’s trying to make money then what are you getting your education for again…remind me? “To better the world, man, with currency that tastes like skittles.” Do you hate all the products you use that people make and businesses sell to you. If so why did you make that purchase it must have ruined so many down trodden workers lives correct. Are you all majoring in the Peace Corp? Not a single one of you plans on earning a living? That’s telling huh? Please write something coherent about why she is actually wrong and why her points are completely ‘hateful’ as some have said. Better yet let your great PC laws on speech deal with it. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate vindication, the law going after Coulter for hurting some people’s feelings?

    To the dunce that blamed her for the publicity stunt? WOW that’s a whole new level of projection and delusional thinking. It’s in the press because of the speech police’s loud ticketing….sorry students. Put down the pipe and think.

    Ann delivers piercing criticism of your corrupted old ideas that are historically dangerous. They do still teach a little bit of history at this prestigious college, no? Just a little bit of history, here’s what all of you “useful idiots”, it’s a communist term look it up, should be doing to really bring home the point is burn all of her books. That will show everyone how determined you are. Kinda Scary Huh!

    Here’s the first exit question to the uber geniuses. Let’s say a person who is actually responsible for many many untold and many many told deaths showed up to speak? Would you sit there quietly and just snicker at the mention of say, “there are no homosexuals in Iran?” Would this be one of those moments for you to use your speech to stop his speech because he’s dangerous and actually say and does hateful things, he’s actually killed people(I’m embarrassed to have to remind people of this because I can’t figure out how they keep forgetting)? Just some laughter for the leader of the nation of Aryan. Sound familiar it should it’s the English translation for the name of Iran. Guess who helped with the name change? Hint it was circa 1940.

    Columbia and to many of their students were cordial to this murderer, I was struck at how dangerously stupid super educated people are. That feeling is back again. Yep Ann Coulter is dangerous because so far she has a total of 0 deaths to her name. Yep zero. Nobody has died at her hand. Yet many are ready to kill her. Think about that for a second.

    Second exit question who’s the edgiest liberal comedian you speech police know, well there a lot to pick from sorry that might be a tough question. You know when he/she crosses from really funny to edgy squirm a little but it’s bitingly funny. Your getting a dose of it from a highly intelligent person who uses humor effortlessly, which many of you seem to be ok with when you agree with it, and intertwined in that humor is an argument that she’s making. You can’t refute the argument you can only try and silence that argument from being made. Your afraid of her ideas because if correct your reality becomes incredibly embarrassing and slightly deranged.

    I’m telling you this for your own good and the good of your family and mine. The big picture is a lot clearer when you think for yourself. It’s gone out of fashion in colleges but I would encourage everyone to start trying it again. In fact I’m begging you to start trying it again. PLEASE THINK that’s what college used to be for.

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  47. As long as Canadian universities also bans anti-Israel hate speech.

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  49. I have to admit that I am divided on this topic… I think that woman is a air head looking for attention and that she should’t come to Canada. We have our own “special people” too, we don’t need more.

    In my mind, freedom of speech is not about saying everything you have on your mind. According to the Charter: “Even though these freedoms are very important, governments can sometimes limit them. For example, laws against pornography and hate propaganda are reasonable limits on freedom of expression because they prevent harm to individuals and groups.” That’s what Ms. Coulter is doing… Her speech is about hate propaganda against other cultures.

    However, I would have liked to see some Ottawa U students debate with her until she becomes speechless realizing that she doesn’t have have the impact she wish she had on them. She would have seen that we can stand up for what we believe too without avoiding her.

    When you meet someone that nasty, you have ton wonder if she is doing that because she is totally unhappy or if she has some mental health problems. You don’t become that mean without having gone through something difficult in your life.

    How much did they pay her to come to Ottawa?

    Sorry if there is any typos.. I am not perfectly bilingual. :-S

  50. In this regard,what are Canada’s laws that are so different from those of the States?

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  52. Well I’m sure MzCoulter will get a warm welcome from her kindred spirits in Alberta. Hey maybe they’ll burn a few crosses and drag out the Nazi gear to make her feel at home. Free speech – what a concept. Seems it’s only good when it works in her favour. Vile woman.

  53. Those concerned about censorship may not have been aware of the Apartheid Week activities on Canadian campuses, where posters are not allowed on campuses, taken off of professor’s doors, etc. because, it is claimed, they can promote hatred. Ann Coulter promotes hatred directly, and her discussion violates all rules of debate as well (there is no substance). Many speakers are stopped at our borders, yet her talk is just as or more violent than any of these. Those who are arguing that free speech has been violated…glad you’ve finally noticed that there might be a problem, and she even made it across the border. I hope your newly awakened concern is not limited to the rights of white conservative racist speakers.

  54. The cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech alst night ath the University of Ottawa really makes canada look stupid. I am emabarrassed as a Canadian for the actions of the students.
    Are we, as canadians, so so thin skinned, so fragile that, so easily manipulated that we are afraid to allow someone with differing views speak in public? The University of Ottawa should be ashamed of itself for treating a guest speaker in such a fashion and fo making the rest of us Canadians look “bush league” to the rest of the world.

  55. Why didn’t Coulter hold this neo con speech on private property, complete with pigs for their feet to rest on.

  56. trim38: Under the veil of threat, your abstinent, christian, conservative decided to curtail and run. Next time research before you open your mouth, and you too would run from a Canadian with a flag and a big cheesy grin when we sing “Oh, Canada. Our true North strong and free….”

  57. Matt, don’t you have any Muslims friends? Writing a book isn’t a definite stance on intelligence, she probably had many edits from a lot of editors. No one I know in Canada read her book. I can’t wait for someone to thwap you for rude commentary like yours, should you dare visit a Canadian city, but save your breath and vote for the best liars you can muster.

  58. Check your fact (or lack of facts) on this paragraph, she mentions flying carpets in an interview after the 7 Muslims were asked to leave a plane for a dialog they having that was frightening other passengers and they sued. You have a lack of context and your time line is flawed:

    “During her speech to a crowd of 800 at the University of Western Ontario Monday night, Coulter told Muslim student Fatima Al-Dhaher to “take a camel” as an alternative to flying, the National Post reported. Coulter had told the crowd that Muslims should be banned from airplanes and instead use “flying carpets.” Coulter used the line to respond to Al-Dhaher’s question of how she was expected to travel, since she didn’t own a flying carpet.”

  59. No free speech in Canada? I had no idea. Is this reflective on Canada as a whole or just a handful of repressive assholes that disagree with the speaker’s agenda?

  60. Pure and simple. Ann bowed down to poor advice. She MADE the choice not to appear. For someone who talks tough on non-Christians/Jews and those who dont hold onto “American conservative” values; it just shows she is all mouth and no trousers.

    Ann has always portrayed herself as the strong woman who would never hide from those with opposing views; or would allow those with opposing views to stop her from speaking…….

    Ann is no victim. Her playing the hate crime card is laughable. Common on. A so-called ultra conservative hiding behind so called ultra leftism. Regardless she still walks away a winner. More books sell and more lemmings empathize with her little plight. Arrrrrgh. Such is Life.

    Personally I may not agree with everything that she has to say. But she should have still spoken on the night. It would have be entertaining to see her speak in person.

  61. @Ryan S

    The story has been edited. Thanks.

  62. Offensive speech is not hate speech, but radicals’ only defense is intimidation, violence, and rhetoric. Shame on the SFUO for violating Charter rights and promoting violence. Coulter is much like Stern, they get paid to shock people with their comments. Should I get angry and violent towards VANOC for portraying me as a canoe paddling lumberjack? Grow up!

    @C. James
    Shame on you for criticizing Coulter for her comments and turning around and making your own “hateful” comments about Albertans. You’re nothing more than another radical that want’s everyone to march to your beat.

  63. Congratulations to the students at UofO who protested the appearance of Ann Coulter.

    This American admires the students who sent hate speech packing to the next KKK meeting.

  64. @Roger Lakins

    “College students could certainly better use that money to hire a real comedian or a real political commentator.”

    The event was free for students, and Coulter’s remuneration was not coming from the school or the students.

  65. Too bad all the liberal thumb suckers and bed wetters can’t stand a little debate. It is the left who incessantly wants to shut down free speech. I guess there is a huge difference in Canadian ideas on freedom and the USA. I’ll take ours any day.

  66. These jejune protesters against free speech are intellectually morons that have no regard for freedom nor do they have the ability to hear opposing views and respond with reason. Screaming out others opinions only shows you as cowards unable to use your tunnel visioned minds for the pursuit of truth.
    Selective restraints by such as these children proves only that they have no capacity to think beyond their leftist leanings, and no respect for the values for which men and women have died.
    My hope is that some at least will grow a set of balls and open both their minds and their ears to other positions that should make anyone with half a brain happy to have something to think about beyond their little bitty range of knowledge.

  67. It is ironic when right-wingers talk about free speech because they normally attempt to deny that right to anyone not in agreement with their hate-founded philosophy. What happened to Ann Coulter in this instance is an example of reaping what one sews, and the students who aided in denying her the opportunity to spew her prejudice-filled bile are to be commended. Ann Coulter has never done, written, or said anything to justify her current, freak-show celebrity status. Granted, one attends university in order to build perspective, and must be able to discern the nutbags (e.g., Coulter) from those who actually contribute to building a valid perspective. One must, however, be rather deficient in character not to realize Coulter’s only contribution to building perspective is the glaring invalidity of her own, a truth which will not become apparent to Coulter until God, in his infinite wisdom, consigns her to the farthest reaches of Hell.

  68. Lefties combat hate with hate and suppress Charter rights with violence. You do not have to agree with Ann Coulter’s view points in order to recognize that freedom of speech and security of the person were violated by those who claim to speak for justice. Although I think that Coulter is nothing more than an entertainer and can’t really be bothered by what she has to say, I am worried at all the left wing radicals that are increasingly showing their hatred through violence and bigotry, and would be so eager to suppress Charter rights. Those who violently opposed her are equally hate mongers and biggots.

    So she made camel jokes, have you never told a newfie joke or heard reference to Canadians being canoe paddling lumberjacks? VANOC is the perfect example, I am offended by their implication (closing ceremonies)but I suck it up and move on, I don’t rally my radical friends and incite violence to uphold my “right to not be offended.

  69. It sets a bad precedant for both not letting Galloway and Barghouti into the country to speak to their followers to have her speech cancelled. By only having speakers who the majority of society wishes to hear from or who find favour with the ruling party at the time is in effect a step down the road to totalitarianism. The problem with speech codes is that if at some point in someone’s past they state something critical of this or that protected group it in effect means that they can be permanently prevented from writing or speaking in the future despite potentially having something critical to say to the society doing the censorship and thus cutting off that information. That Ann Coulter is largely spewing BS is in reality a red herring and is besides the point of the far greater issue. Picking winners and losers based upon how they line up with the prevailing attitudes of the time and thus allowing only them a platform to speak makes a loser of the receiving society because the whole point of permitting free speech is to allow established opinions to be challenged even if it means feathers get ruffled. There is of course the potential for great anger but where are the lines demarcating acceptable speech to be drawn and more crucially by who. Assuming it’s government and or the courts they all largely come from the upper and upper middle classes and thus reflect their values and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo ie: their relative position in the overall scheme of things. A judge threw out Peggy Ann Sheppard’s claim that Mcgill had permitted senator Kolber’s son or nephew into Mcgill despite lacking the grades. This was motiviated (not broadcasted) by the potential for this to promote hate speech by critics of Jewish people and the establishment in general as this is one of the top universities in Canada and could severely erode confidence in the system as a whole and possibly lead to civil disobedience. The judge was in effect a member of the establishment as she had to have either attended the U Of MTl or Mcgill to be a judge in Quebec so there was a conflict of interest in terms of impartiallity by judging one of the two means of becoming a judge thus calling into question her very status. A vitally important issue as to who gets access to which programs at university was thrown out over restriction of free speech rights and the fears of what this inconvenient truth would mean to society at large. Is restriction of free speech the very same type of activity that occurs in any totalitarian regime left or right once they assume power ? The Galloway and Barghouti issues are more severe however as they had critical information to relay and because of past “issues” they are now no longer able to speak at all as well as being out of favour with the ruling party. Keep in mind that Tommy Douglas was questioning the established order of his day. Would a speech code have benefitted Canada when socialized medical care, workers compensation, pension benefits etc…had yet to be commonly held values and the established order were claiming that Tommy Douglas et al were convinced that he was a dangerous communist agitator or radical. They spied on him and criticised him but he was still able to give speeches and travel around and over time his values became Canada’s values. Canada as a whole NOW cherishes health care but the majority of the population in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s had yet to be convinced.

  70. This is disgusting. I can’t believe that my tax dollars go to finance this sorry excuse for a university. Free speech is an ancient, Anglo-Saxon concept (The Yanks didn’t invent it) and these vile trotskyites deserve to be removed from Campus. Even if Adolf Hitler came to speak at a Canadian University, no-one should be able to block his lecture like this. Shame on Canada! Shame on U of Ottawa.

  71. It sets a bad precedant for both not letting Galloway and Barghouti into the country to speak to their followers and to have her speech cancelled. << This posted because I had put the and in brackets and Macleans removed it making me look like I made a sentence structure error.

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  73. Coulter wins again!

  74. Intellectually challenged students and their ilk prefer to have everyone march in lock step to political correctness propaganda rather than hear the truth from individuals such as Ann Coulter. It’s disgraceful that fascist scum of their kind choose not to allow ‘free speech’ but because of their inability to debate the issues due to their lack of intelligence would rather deny those like Ann with higher intellect. They would rather spew their hatred and make false claims against opponents of their viewpoints because they don’t think and act like the mindless fools they are. It’s quite apparent that those who continue these Marxist tactics are not contributors to society, but rather the leaches upon it where hard working citizens must pay for their ineptitude with the expanded welfare state.

  75. Dear University students,
    The free exchange of ideas–especially provocative ones–is one of the most basic tenets of higher education. Those of you who pulled fire alarms, threatened violence or otherwise did more than exercise your own right to free speech in opposition to Coulter, please leave the university until you’ve figured this out.

    All you’ve done is buy masses of publicity for this idiot and made your school look like a kindergarten.

  76. Ann Coulter’s hate-speech should not be protected because it’s mostly made up, just to get on TV or in the papers for another 5 minutes. If Coulter went a year without being in the media she’d kill herself. She’s a 5-year-old, holding her dress up over her head and crying “Daddy, please love me” every time she opens her mouth. The fact that she laughs after everything she says is an indication that it’s all made up and she is amused at the response, that people are stupid enough to think she means it. Like Beck/Hannity/O’Reilly etc., it’s all for ratings. No one with an IQ higher than their age could possibly believe the professional-wrestling crap they spit out. And like most “reality TV”, it’s all fake.

  77. Anne Coulter exemplifies why so many citizens of this world despise the United States our beloved neighbour. As a young Canadian I am proud that her over dramatic political drivle was not permitted by exemplification of the same law that grants her the right to say what she does (free speech). Goodbye Anne Coulter and if you want to come back please stop at my house first so I can do the world a favor.

  78. This is shameful. The only concept these kids have of free speech is any speech which is not in disagreement with them. If they do not like what Coulter has to say or disagree with it they are free to do so. To not allow her to speak is ridiculous!! Shameful. South of the border not so long ago they allowed Ahmedinejad to speak. America trumps Canada when it comes to speech.

  79. Good for them! My father is Canadian and they are a decent people. I wish Americans had the same amount of courage.

  80. If what Ann Coulter says is so ditasteful to people they should ignore it. To deny others the right to hear her speak is censorship. Trying to suppress an opposing view point does not kill it.

  81. As a conservative I am truly dismayed at Ezra Levant for bringing her to Canada. This one act, for me, negates the respect I held for him.

    Ann Coulter is vapid, anti-intellectual, and is more of a performer than social critic. She has the right to speak as she wishes, but that’s not my beef. What does she offer of value? Was she brought here to test freedom of speech, or to engage us in debate? Others can do this more intelligently. She has nothing to offer the conservative movement but her crass mouth. I can only imagine how much she was paid for these appearances. Shame on you, Levant. I expected better from you.

  82. tobias – would you let Hitler speak without restriction?

  83. I agree with you on many points Tony. I think Ann Coulter is mainly an attention getter. I think many of the things she says are blown out of proportion because she likes the shock value and she is not serious. But nonetheless, what difference does it make. People are saying things like her speech is not welcome in Canada. Obviously it was welcome to the people who wanted to go see her in Ottawa. But leftists think it is their right to decide what is welcome for everyone. I am not a fan of Coulter, but what I am a fan of is not the issue here. This woman should have a right to speak. The beauty of free speech is that people can also make their own counter arguments against it. That is open discussion. Controlling who we are allowed to hear is not.

  84. Ann Coulter is not Hitler.

    But yes Hitler should and does have the right to speak. Even if you don’t let him speak people have the ability to know long after his death what view Hitler promoted. And they have the ability to reason and choose between what is right and what is wrong. If you think that banning Mein Kampf will stop people from hating you are wrong.

  85. You have to allow people to speak their minds in order to know “what is on their minds”. If you do not you cannot argue it. You cannot correct it. You cannot bring things out in the open to discuss which points are true and which points are not. It is my personal belief that the current trend we see in Canada of stifling and even suing people for speech which could remotely be interpreted as hateful will only lead to a growth in hatred. If you stifle it too long it will only build up more potential energy, like a loaded spring.

  86. Ann Coulter books are available in bookstores in Canada. I know people who read them, people who are both liberal and conservative and I have yet to see them influenced by her writings into horrific acts of violence. They don’t even cause as much nonsense as the protestors at Ottawa did when they decided they had the right to determine who people are allowed to listen to.

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  88. Will somebody just please tell this person to shut up and go home? Maybe we could get her added to a no-fly list so we wouldn’t have to put up with her.

  89. I guess Ms. Coulter got more publicity by not going than she ever could have by speaking at U of O.

    I don’t agree with a lot of what she says, but if she really is as dumb and backward as so many people think she is, let her speak. I can’t help but think of that classic Lincoln quote which says that it’s better for one to remain silent and appear dumb than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt (not the exact quote, but idea is there).

    It was Coulter’s chance to open her mouth (in Ottawa, anyway) but the students spoke first. Who looks dumb now? If the [protesting] students were smart, they would have waited to tear her apart in an open debate.

    All of that said, I think Coulter’s plans to take Houle’s letter as a human rights violation is a step too far. As far as I know, the letter simply said to use some discretion (which she doesn’t have, I guess) but it seems to have spun out of proportion.

  90. As an American, I can tell you what you already know, that by canceling the event, you did not miss ANYTHING of any redeeming social value. If you want to have an actual exchange of ideas or a debate, invite people who are intellectually capable of doing so. Ann Coulter seeks only to offend and shock people. She’s an embarassment to the US

  91. The things is who gets to decide whether her speech is of value to anyone or not. People who wanted to attend the event could decide that for themselves without the infantile protestors deciding for them. Those who don’t like what Ann Coulter has to say can either stay home, or attend and disagree with what she says. Why do they have to take away the opportunity for those who want to hear her for themselves? That’s controlling behaviour. And it is more dangerous than Ann Coulter.

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  93. Looks like the facists at the u of ottawa, got their way. What a joke. I wonder what will happen the next time a radical islamist, homosexual activist, man hating feminist or anti Christian speaker is invited to speak.

    Thats a dumb question as we already no they will be welcomed with open arms.

  94. Extreme Israel hater Omar Barghouti spoke there and that’s ok. Bet he didn’t get a letter threatening him with criminal charges from the fascists at U of O.

    But the left like to hate. People who were there said that the protesters were hurling the usual anti christian insults, but it must be nice to spew venom then say that because you hate Israel for having Apartheid [whereas they love Canada’s.] but knowing all your left wing hate makes you “Tolerant”,

    Bet they hate Albertans, farmers, white males, too.

    But that hates ok at the U of O.

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  96. After watching the lynch mob at University of Ottawa it occured to me that a belief of mind was not accurate. I used to think that Dudley Doright from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show was an awful caricuture of Canadians. Now I realize it was an accurate portrayal of Canadians along with Newfies clubbing baby Coulters oh I meant seals.

    What the Ottawa mob managed to do is make Coulter a victim and not just a sixth page news piece in the Toronto Star saying that AnnCoulter had a tiny audience at her talk.

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  98. Having read many of these rambling raving,I think they should be denied the right to be published here. Only the ones I agree with should be posted in future.
    The others are by idiots that need to be considered as hate speech.

  99. What most of you are missing and what much of the media is now reporting, is that this event was not cancelled by the University of Ottawa. Nor was it cancelled by the police. It was cancelled by the organizer of this private event, Ezra Levant, and Ann Coulter because the police said that the room they had rented was too small (it was a lecture hall with a capacity of 150 people. And they probably would have had trouble filling it without some publicity beforehand in the form of the provost’s letter.) The protest was not deemed dangerous or potentially violent. It was the room that was too small for its capacity. A fire hazard. The organizers were unable or unwilling to find another room. The protesters that were there had the right to protest as much as Ms. Coulter had the right to entertain.

    This was a staged event,folks, and everyone is being played as fools for publicity and money by a professional provocateur, Mr. Levant, and his paid Entertainer, Ms. Coulter.

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  103. I can tell you why the speech on “Israeli apartheide week” didn’t meet with so much anger and objections and Ann Coulter’s speech did.
    Tha Israeli apartheid week is about making objection to the atrocities committed by Israeli government without disrespecting the individual Jews or the good people of Israel. It is not about ridiculing different people based on their faith, skin, color, sexual orientation,….etc., It doesn’t adopt offensive and vulgar language against individuals with different cultures and way of life. It was also able to bring some intelligent debates to the table and make some smart points, that promote critical thinking and productive discussions.
    Unfortunately, this is not the case for Ann Coulter. She is all about bigotry and insult on people’s apearance,their way of life and culture. she uses hateful, offensive language to address ethnicities and sadly enough, she and her stupid followers (what more, can you expect of conservatives??) think that it is funny. She is all about bigotry, hate and vulgarity. She is Ahmadinejad, packed in an American woman’s dress.
    I believe that if she had any intelligent points to make, she should have done it when she had a chance to. For example, when Coulter was confronted by a muslim student who asked, what she should take to fly, since she had no flying carpet, Coulter replied “take a camel”, the dumbest answer one could have given, disrespectful too.
    She beleives that jews should be perfected, the US should invade muslim countries and forcibly convert people to christianity. Her ideology is all about savagery.
    Since she has no intelligent speech to make or any smart points to raise, and since freedom has no place in her agenda, givining her a chance to talk, is a waste of time and justifying her insults in the name of “freedom of speech” is an insult to both “freedom” and “speech”.
    It is a shame that people like that get to practice law or journalism in any country, especially the US, the so called “defender of the free world” and “the last beacon of hope”.
    It is a shame for any nation that people like Ann Coulter get to work in positions where they can shape the public view. Unfortunately the weak minded can be easily influenced by her.
    I believe that academia should be careful to invite people over there to speak. The topic of speech and the language adopted to deliver the material, should promote critical thinking and productive debates in a friendly, non-abusive environment, which is consistent with the spirit and mission of educational institutions.
    Let Ann Coulter and her likes be the professor of “the idiots”. Let them preach for the retarded. Let the rednecks be the sole buyers of her books and make her rich. The intelligent students at U of O don’t need her hate speech.

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  105. —RELAX! –the ‘daring outspoken’ Coulter is very much
    reading from the same playbook as CNN, PC franchise slum Hollywood,
    Oprah, Buchanan and everyone else in the current media

    —i.e. –‘Whatever you do —DON’T give a quality PEEP
    to the looming, indeed, gargantuan implications of our 4 decades
    plus of sellout, suck-up and catering to history’s –MOST–
    awesomely genocidal regime -bar none! —ACROSS the Pacific.

    (BTW —that’s 70 million exterminated in ‘peacetime’ decades
    AFTER WWII –and DON’T expect to be hearing about it from Hollywood
    or anyone else anytime soon)

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