Coulter's University of Ottawa speech cancelled -

Coulter’s University of Ottawa speech cancelled

Protest causes safety concerns


A public speaking event by conservative commentator Ann Coulter has been cancelled after a protest prompted security concerns.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, several hundred protesters gathered outside Marion Hall at the University of Ottawa to protest Coulter’s speech. The event was cancelled at approximately 8:15 p.m., as security officials cited concerns for “public safety.”

Before Coulter arrived in Ottawa, she was warned by Francois Houle, vice-president academic and provost at the U of O, that she should to review Canada’s hate speech laws prior to giving her address. The student union at the university had also voiced objection to Coulter’s visit.

Coulter responded in an email to the Ottawa Citizen, saying Houle’s warning promoted “hatred” and “violence” against conservatives.

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Coulter’s University of Ottawa speech cancelled

  1. Universities have similar protests all the time. I don’t really get why the media is all claiming this was ‘cancelled due to security concerns’. It was cancelled due to publicity concerns, not security. Going ahead with a speech no one really cares about gets you much less attention than cancelling an event and claiming you were forced to. I guess the reality is much less of a story, but I’m still a bit surprised by how poorly the media has handled this.

  2. Coulter seems to enjoy putting herself in the spotlight with ridiculous commentary proving nothing more than her own ignorance. I’m glad uOttawa students stepped up and exercised their own right to protest such an event. The fact that Coulter was able to even schedule an event on campus surprises me. As Canadians, we should all be proud of our multiculturalism. Coulter does nothing to reinforce Canadian values and I hope Calgary shows her more of the same. GO AWAY COULTER! YOU AREN’T WELCOME IN OUR COUNTRY!

  3. This shows the lack of free speech in Canada, that an ultra-conservative American would be prevented from speaking. Anyone should be allowed to express their views, and if those views are not acceptable, then let the people tell that person in return. Silencing those who say things that cause a reaction is a sign that we are living in a tyrannical country. The problem with political correctness is that it is not recognized for the tyranny that it is.

  4. How is that tyrannical. Its what the people want. The people dont care to hear her outlandish remarks that she only says to gain publicity. It is tyrannical when the government takes away free speech. It is our right as citizens to protest against those who we feel harm our integrity. (lets not forget the fact that listening to ann coulter speak makes us all drop 10 iq points)