Counting is slow in SFUO CFS vote


No results expected until tomorrow morning.

Watch for my blog post about that time as well.

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Counting is slow in SFUO CFS vote

  1. A little bird told me that you should probably just stand outside the Senate Room (where they are counting) in Tabaret Hall instead of relying on other blogs err “livejournals” to do your reporting.

    That being said you should starting using my site as an official source for all your news from now on and not from Macleans. I kidd I kidd!

  2. Yes 3328
    No 3086
    Spoiled 67

    What will be the take home message for the CFS?
    (1) Maybe we should think about this referendum process again…
    (2) All these No votes were the product of LIES!

  3. So 11% of the student population will now be making 100% pay a fee to an organization. Clearly the students in the SFUO have spoken.

    There are still two road blocks to be faced. The CFS has to approve the result (likely to happen) and the SFUO must convince the board of governors to actually collect this fee from students.

  4. (1) – what is the alternative?
    (2) – not all, but at least some, right?

  5. Michael – it’s democracy, deal with it. Opponents are still free to organize in opposition to the decision.

  6. The No campaign did NOT spreadl ies. If the CFS wants to take that as their message then they are clearly short-sighted.

  7. *Let me repost to correct my spelling*
    The No campaign as headed by myself and Ryan Kennery did NOT spread lies. If the CFS wants to take that as their message then they are clearly short-sighted.

  8. I have to agree with Miss Lamarche and disagree with Mr. Marchand. The No campaign did not spread lies, it used facts. The CFS funding does come from students and it totals an overwhelming $378,000 which is a critical amount of funding.

    The No campaign was also severely disadvantaged because they did not have the same financial power that the CFS has. It used money from other students in this country to fund the yes campaign and outspent them 4 to 1. Seem fair?

    If the students from uOttawa knew how their money will be spent and how the CFS makes incredibly difficult legal battles for student unions who want to leave, they might have come in larger numbers to vote and clearly vote no. But the CFS seems to leave out a lot of facts about their own organization. It’s not lying, just withholding information.

    It seems to me that the CFS would rather use its money to do anything to prevent member institutions from leaving to clutch to monetary power rather than try to reduce or abolish tuition fees.

    Do something for Ontario students for a change and I might change my opinion.

  9. Pierre: I don’t see what you disagree with me on. I think I’ve expressly said that people should rethink the referendum procedures and not just use the excuse of misinformation as a cop out.

  10. I was disagreeing with you on the fact that the no votes we the product of lies.

    I researched into it myself and would like to call my vote an educated one.

  11. You’re associating me to a claim I never made. I was speculating in different ways the CFS could react to the result.

    Please read my other posts and stop making assumptions about what I believe.

  12. Also, I say misinformation is an “excuse” because in any election there will always be misinformed voters on all sides and it’s impossible to quantify them accurately.

  13. That’s true. Especially at uOttawa. People don’t seem to care and just go with whatever someone else told them rather than making an educated vote.

    Plus, only 10% voted so it’s sort of hard to believer that less than 6% of the student body is making a decision for the whole.

  14. Oops… I made a mistake there.

    10% voted in favour of it.

    It’s hard to believe that 1 in 10 is making a decision for the other 9.

  15. I’ve got no sympathy for that argument, none at all. If it sucks that 1 in 10 is making the decision for the other 9, maybe the other 9 should have gotten off their rears and gone to have their say. How is it the CFS’ fault if 9 of 10 students can’t be bothered to express their opinion?

    I’m not exactly a fan of the CFS, but this one always sticks in my craw.

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