UBC can’t impose pricey parking penalties, court rules

Could class-action lawsuits against other Canadian universities be next?


A very interesting ruling out of British Columbia yesterday states that the University of British Columbia does not have the legal authority to issue parking fines and must refund individuals whom paid the fines in the past.

More: UBC ordered to return $4 million in parking fines

It appears the ruling is based solely on provincial laws. This raises the question: will similar laws in other provinces leave universities across Canada exposed to a similar class-action lawsuit? I’d expect we’ll find out very soon, as there is a lot of money to be made for any law firm that could successfully win a similar case.

From my experience, universities are very heavy-handed in their enforcement of parking regulations and fines. The fact they are able to withdrawal academic services and withhold marks over parking fines has always stuck me as an abuse of power.

It is because of these abuses of power that I cheer the B.C. court ruling.

Full ruling on the Supreme Court of B.C. website


UBC can’t impose pricey parking penalties, court rules

  1. NOW, someone needs to start a class action suit about the library fines!

  2. UBC sent their students an email stating that the parking regulation and towing still remain in effect (http://www.ubc.ca/bulletins/index.html).

    I have read from another article from CBC stating that UBC will appeal the ruling. Where’s the money for the appealing coming from??? Better not be from my tuition (they’ve also recently increased our tuition fees….)!

  3. I don’t want to be “that guy”, but this a way to help get more cash into the universities. It also encourages students to use public transit….

  4. This question was asked to the student members of the BoG at Carleton. One student brought up that the court said the university’s option for people who park with out paying is to tow them.

    I would assume that towing the car would be at the car owners expense.

    Knowing this, I think it would be rather dumb to call into question the universitys right to issue parking tickets. I would rather pay a small fine than a $100+ towing fee. It also saves a person the hassel of having to track down his/her car.

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