Crashing Galloway's York party -

Crashing Galloway’s York party

Pro-Israel suppporters to attend speech in disguise


Fomer British MP George Galloway kicks off his cross-country speaking tour at York University this evening. Galloway was famously denied entry into Canada last year because he had supported Hamas and other groups that the Canadian government considers to be terrorist organizations. Federal Court ruled last month that Galloway is in fact allowed in the country.

Pro-Israel critics of Galloway’s have been organizing to attend his York talk while disguised as left-wing activists, in what the National Post terms “a bizarro world in which Zionists pose as Palestinians to shout down a bearded Scot.”

In an email obtained by the Post, Jewish Tribune freelance reporter Joanne Hill, encourages participants to dress up.  “If they do not know your face, wear a keffiyeh or hijab or hippy-type clothing (blue jeans, Birkenstock sandals with socks, hand-woven Guatemalan man-purses, long scarves on men, etc.)” she wrote.  “If I could, I would pretend to be a confused pro-Palestinian lefty.”

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Crashing Galloway’s York party

  1. Is this paid JDL propaganda or news?

  2. Has GIYUS expanded to actual events rather than just making online polls meaningless, and flooding message boards with pro Israel vitriol?

    I have to consider that if Israel is actually in the moral right, why is propaganda so often used to try to demonstrate it?

  3. Wow talk about unprofessional journalism. Since when can we make up news ?

  4. George Galloway can look after himself – he’s in the right and truth always wins in the end.

  5. Is this the same George that hobnobs with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the holocaust denier who wishes that Israel be wiped off the map?

    When is Gorgeous George going to officially convert to Islam and become a bona fide theocratic fascist?

  6. the NP article linked here (and this snippet for that matter)are some of the dumbest things ive ever read. i love how none of the right wing media or israel supporters even try to refute anything galloway says (would be pretty hard since most of it is undeniably true).

    this is far from journalism… nothing more than a fear mongering smear campaign.