Carleton University Students’ Association moves to reverse decision on Shinerama

Smyth doesn’t recant language used in motion, says student outrage has been heard


In a press release issued Nov. 26:

Carleton University Students’ Association President Brittany Smyth has indicated that CUSA council will revisit the motion to change the orientation program charity from Shinerama.

“It has become clear that there is not an appetite at Carleton to change from Shinerama” said Ms.Smyth “The responsible thing to do is to reverse the decision.”

While the motion merely stated the students’ association would investigate switching to another charity, students have made it clear that they do not want the change.

“I both respect and admire the students’ commitment to the cause of raising funds for cystic fibrosis.” stated Ms.Smyth “I believe this issue has been blown out of proportion but the motion was never meant to imply that raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis research was not a worthwhile cause. I do apologize for the negative attention Carleton has received”.


Carleton University Students’ Association moves to reverse decision on Shinerama

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  2. I don’t know why all the light bulbs are suddenly coming on. Look at just about any advertisement on TV (meant to be humerous) and the fall guy, the jerk, the idiot, the clown, the guy that doesn’t get it is NEVER the black guy, NEVER the woman …. it’s always the stupid white male. White males are safe to pick on. My test for most of these is … replace the white guy with either a black guy or a woman and would the commercial still be funny? Or, more likely, would some group be hollerin’ blue murder? These advertising people need to find better ways to promote the product.
    And oh yeah …. I’m a white male.

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  4. The fact remains is that the motion DID NOT MERELY state that it “would investigate switching to another charity.” All this futile comment from the undeserving Student Association President indicates is that the CUSA is illiterate as well as ignorant. The motion clearly cites the fact that “cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men” as the REASON to discontinue donating to this charity. As such, it is a highly SEXIST and RACIAL discrimination… or wait. Is it racist if it’s against a white, or sexist if it’s against a man? If we follow the logic of the CUSA, charities which support AIDS should be discontinued, since AIDS “only affects black people.” Hmmmm. Not sure if THAT would ever fly, although it is interesting to note that the latter statement is equally as untrue as that made by the CUSA. And WHAT degree will these people have when they graduate???

  5. what a bunch of ignorant racist assholes we have created in this politiclally correct bullshit society…..higher education give me a break, your a bunch of dummies…..so heads up dummies if I find any of my white guy taxes or concessions are being made to this cesspool, this white guy is going to be raging…….

  6. Just in case any of our regular readers are confused, it’s a different Rick.

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