Carleton reinstates Shinerama, councillor resigns

Petition calling for president’s impeachment tabled at council meeting


The Carleton University Students’ Association has voted to reinstate support for the Shinerama campaign. CUSA sparked a storm of negative reaction from Carleton students and the media after the organization voted to withdraw support for the campaign.

Carson Jerema with More on the CUSA meeting

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The motion that saw support for the Cystic Fibrosis charity removed was premised by a controversial wheareas clause that claimed the disease only affects “white people.”

Donnie Northrup, the science councillor who wrote the motion, has resigned.

A campaign to impeach the executive started last week.


Carleton reinstates Shinerama, councillor resigns

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  2. What a croc of shit this has all turned out to be… anyone with half a brain sees that CUSA’s motion was CONTRARY to being racist….I am so embarrassed by all of the students own ignorance on seeing how CUSA was trying to better represent the student body…SCREW white power idealogy, the people who perpetuate it, the racist media and Runte for supporting racism by shitting on CUSA’s face…

  3. Wow Lindsay, what hate group do you hail from? What a nutcase.

  4. Lindsay….

    My God.

    How is helping ANYONE racist?

    Rethink your priorties there, friend.

  5. Hello Lindsay snow. WTF are you writing about? The fact is that NO group should be singled out as undeserving of charity because of race. If the goal was to change the benificiary of shinarama fine, just dont frame it in the racial fashion they did and no one cares and it isnt a public issue. Your hate for white people is explosive and as igmnorant as any lynch mob mentality. When you look in the mirror remember your hate speech is what inspired every racist both white and black ever!

  6. What a black eye for the school. It is a pity that CUSA, which so poorly represents the students at Carleton, gets such a loud voice that is heard nation-wide.

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