Dalhousie University gets $2m in research funding from Lockheed Martin

U.S. aircraft manufacturer will fund quantum computing, physics and material sciences research


Dalhousie University has received $2 million in research funding from U.S. aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin.The money will help Dalhousie carry out scientific research in quantum computing, physics and material sciences. Research results will be published and Lockheed Martin will have an option to licence any intellectual property that arises from the research.

The funding is part of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to place work in Atlantic Canada as a result of the federal government’s purchase of 17 Super Hercules aircraft from the company.

Based in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin has 140,000 employees worldwide, including 500 in Canada.

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Dalhousie University gets $2m in research funding from Lockheed Martin

  1. Did anyone see that article in the Walrus about the shift to private/corporate funding for research in universities?

  2. As a former student of Dalhousie, I am dismayed by this announcement and the press coverage of it. Dalhousie accepted money from the world’s largest weapons manufacturer. Your article did not mention that there may be some concern with corporate sponsorship of Canada’s academic research – and that taxpayers may find it especially troubling that their money is being funneled to our chronically underfunded universities through a defense contract. This aspect of IRB’s simply provides good PR for the federal government and Lockheed-Martin at the taxpayer’s expense.

    Just because we buy military hardware from Lockheed-Martin does not mean that we should invite them into our schools.

    Nova Scotia Voice of Women and Halifax Peace coalition staged a peaceful demonstration of this announcement, and I have seen no coverage of that either.

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