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Dharun Ravi guilty of anti-gay bias

Roommate killed himself after Ravi broadcast gay tryst


Former Rutgers University student Dharun Ravi was motivated by anti-gay bias when he used a webcam to broadcast his freshman roommate’s intimate encounter with another man live to fellow students, a New Jersey jury has decided. Ravi, 20, was convicted of the hate-crime “bias intimidation,” which means he will go to jail for five to 10 years and he may even be deported to his native India. Tyler Clementi, Ravi’s gay freshman roommate, committed suicide after the humiliating webcam ordeal in September, 2010. Before his death, Clementi asked his university to allow him to switch rooms because of the spying. Ravi was found guilty of 24 charges but not guilty in 11 charges and will be sentenced on May 21, reports NorthJersey.com.


Dharun Ravi guilty of anti-gay bias

  1. Awesome news! As a person was bullied as a child for being gay and living in a small redneck town, I can only imagine how hard it was for Tyler. Who the hell is Ravi to take someones life and put it online?

    I followed this case in the media and the smug look on Ravi’s face as he spun around in his chair in court without a care in the world made me sick. Did he think Daddys’ money would get him off!? Go back to India and spread your hate in jail.

    It is nothing short of pure evil and when you take someones life and squash it with hate, you are murdering a part of them that may never fully recover.

    Hopefully other abusers get a message from this and learn that peoples lives aren’t an arena of entertainment. Tyler is a hero that was never given a chance at being himself.