Diab saga continues at Carleton

OnCampus blogger tweets live from former professor’s classroom


One of my colleagues at Carleton University and fellow OnCampus blogger, Jennifer Pagliaro, is live-tweeting from the former classroom of Hassan Diab, a professor accused of bombing a French synagogue nearly 30 years ago. Diab was hired to teach introductory sociology at Carleton University, then quickly replaced following public outcry. This is the first class being taught by his replacement, and they reportedly will discuss Diab’s situation as part of the lesson.

You can follow the updates at http://twitter.com/CharlatanLive

For background, you can also see Pagliaro’s piece that appeared in today’s edition of The Charlatan (Carleton’s independent newspaper) at http://charlatan.ca


Diab saga continues at Carleton

  1. Go J.Pags!

  2. I am from vancouver and i supports Hassan Diab.This is a typical case of racial profiling.A lot of arab canadians have to go through this.All progressive canadians and unions should support Hassan Diab.This reminds me of the McCarthy era in the USA during the 1950s.Its to bad we are returning to them dark days.I am sure Hassan Diab will be able to fight and win this case with the help of the majority of canadians.

    Stan Squires