Do left-wing profs grade differently than right-wing profs?

Under-achiever? Over-achiever? Either way, you’ll want to read this


Republican (right-wing) professors give a wider range of grades, including more extremely high and more painfully low marks, while registered Democrat (left-wing) professors grade students more equally, says a new paper to be published in the American Economic Journal. Researchers Talia Bar and Asaf Zussman theorized that Republicans, who are more likely to oppose redistribution of wealth, might also be more likely to oppose redistribution of grades from high-achieving to low-achieving students.

They appear to be right. In their study, average students — those who ranged from the twenty-fifth to the ninetieth percentile on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) — got the same grades from Republicans and Democrats, ranging from 3.0 to 4.0.

But students who were below the tenth percentile on the SAT received worse grades from Republicans than Democrats (2.0 versus 2.30) and high-achievers, those over the ninetieth percentile, were given higher grades by Republicans than by Democrats too (4.3 versus 4.0).

The study included the marks and SAT scores of 17,062 arts, humanities and physical sciences students who studied at an “elite” American university between 2000 and 2004. Political preference of professors was based on local voter registration records.

There is one caveat. Despite a large sample of 511 professors having participated, only 27 (5.3 per cent) were registered Republicans, while 370 (76.3) per cent were Democrats. Those widely divergent sample sizes somewhat increase the chance of a statistical error.

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Do left-wing profs grade differently than right-wing profs?

  1. The main revelation of this study is what a stranglehold leftists have on academia with only 5% profs registered Republicans while 76% are Democrats. Where’s the diversity now? Why is half the population unrepresented among the molders of young minds?

    • You’re jumping to a conclusion, Laine, – the fact that only 5% of the sample were Republican does not mean the population of profs is skewed – it could just as easily mean that the Republican profs chose not to participate – maybe because they feared that their biases could be exposed.

  2. Second try…and maybe because their biases WOULD be exposed as more narrow and uninformed???

  3. I don’t think its any secret that highly educated people tend to be more socially conscious and lean more to the left than right-wing. If you walk outside the rabid capitalism and ideals of the business department, you are going to find people who care about others and want to raise everyone’s station in life.

    Secondly, Professors are unionized and any of them who are right-wing are going to be a contradiction. By definition they would have to despise themselves for having a say in their terms and conditions for work.

    It amazes me how right-wing thinkers are so bitter at the world. It’s like you guys go to conspiracy theory school or something. No one is here trying to steal what you have. But remember, what you have was built on the backs of unions, laws and social responsibility. Without these things, children would still be working in the mines and women would still be second rate. I am sure glad things aren’t like that anymore. You can argue that we are smarter than that now. But, how smart is it to let the corporate world fritter away trillions of dollars and leave us to deal with the mess. Then, you guys argue that lower wages are just a reality of today and the changing world. It’s like a bad novel. The corporate world is just laughing at you and smiling while you take what they give you and race for the bottom to see how pathetic the world can get before we fight back.

    Well, keep up you fight valiant right-wingers! I am sure that you will be be appreciative when we all have no benefits, pathetic wages and no job security! That’s what you are against right? Then again, I am one of those left-wingers. What do I know?

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