Doctoral student killed in Mexico

Mexican-born Canadian strangled and slashed


A 39-year-old student from the University of British Columbia was found last week stabbed and strangled with her hands tied behind her back and her jugular slashed, reports CBC News.

Ximena Osegueda, a Mexican-born Canadian, was working on her PhD in Hispanic studies while living in Huatulco, a tourist town close to the Pacific coast. Her body was found along with her partner Alejandro Alvarado’s body on a beach that’s known to be used to dump bodies of those killed by in organized criminals.

Osegueda taught French, Italian and Hispanic studies at UBC. Her family said there was no reason to suspect their daughter was involved in organized crime. They report no ransom call.

Updated on Jan. 6: The Winnipeg Free Press reports that local authorities believe robbery may have been the motive, as a vehicle was recovered in Oaxaca City, 410 kilometres north of Huatulco.


Doctoral student killed in Mexico

  1. Doctoral student killed in Mexico – In confidence, and privacy, I would like to draw your attention to a female body found floating at Ixtapa Beach, approx. 30 NOV 2008. There were some details and photos in the local newspaper. Last February/March, I was told she had not been ID’d but, apparently, was Canadian. This is not necessarily accurate but I have no reason to dispute it.

  2. It was stated that she was working on a PhD thesis in this area of Mexico but not what the subject of the thesis was. Were the toes of the rich starting to hurt? If the history of this area is considered – the poor displaced to benefit the rich- perhaps a reason and links could be found. But that’s silly isn’t it? Who in the government in Canada or Mexico cares about the poor. Just don’t get in the way of profit.

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