Does hockey culture lead to sexual assaults? -

Does hockey culture lead to sexual assaults?

University strikes task force after second alleged assault


BU hockey player by Marcusvfx/Wikimedia

Boston University has created a task force to study the “culture and climate” of its men’s hockey team after a second player was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student.

Max Nicastro, 21, a BU Terriers defenceman and Detroit Red Wings draft pick, was charged on Feb. 19 with two counts of rape.

That came after the Dec. 11 arrest of former teammate and Toronto-bred centre Corey Trivino, 21, who allegedly forced his way into a student’s room and groped her against her will. Trivino has pleaded not guilty.

BU president Robert A. Brown said in a statement Thursday that the task force reflects “a University-level judgment that the two incidents indicate something systemic or habitual may foster a team climate that does not comport with the highest standards of conduct we seek to maintain…”

Ariana Katz, of the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism at BU, said that the incidents highlight the fact that a “culture of sexual assault and violence is systemic [on campus].”

The Boston Herald’s Margery Eagan supports Katz’s assertion. She points to the Party Like a Puck Star music video that uses the Terriers logo and glorifies “bangin’ bitches at my school like an all star.” It was written by Trivino and former teammate Vinny Saponari, who was kicked out of BU.

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Does hockey culture lead to sexual assaults?

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