Dr. Mugabe no more


The University of Massachusetts revoked an honorary degree given to Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe.

I doubt Mugabe will care – if any of his advisers are willing to risk telling him – when he finds out. However, the symbolism is important.

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Dr. Mugabe no more

  1. Wassim, There is a good post at The Lede (www.nytimes.com) June 13, 2008: “Mugabe Loses Honorary Degree From UMass.” The perspective you pointed out is a good one. Unfortunately, bloglife in Canada is quite slow-moving, isn’t it? The Magazine could study the higher education section at The Australian, blogs at The TLS, and TierneyLab at http://www.nytimes.com for clues on designing a more powerful education site. Visually, I like http://www.abc.com. For interesting stories, I like http://www.latimes.com. The Globe and Mail has a weird helter-skelter approach to comment, doesn’t it? The paper seems to have a lot of incoherence in its code. You should go to work for The Magazine as an inspired higher education blogger.

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