Drop fees, not birth rates!

NB mayor says free tuition would encourage procreation, increase population


A number of arguments have been put forward in favour of the elimination of post-secondary tuition fees over the years, including arguments associated with increasing access for those who cannot afford post-secondary education and mistaken notions about equity and taxation.

The mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick has proposed another reason for eliminating tuition fees: procreation. Saint John Mayor Ivan Court believes that free tuition for post-secondary education might encourage Saint Johners to have more children and thereby increase the city’s population.

Can you imagine the placard slogans?


Drop fees, not birth rates!

  1. If the mayor wishes to see an increase in the birth rate, he should focus on creating incentives to encourage that directly.

    Debt is a major factor in young people putting off starting a family. I know it will be a long time before I can pay off my debt and start a family.

    A forgiveness program for student debt based on family size would likely assist to increase the birth rate.

    – Joey

  2. Debt is the least of your worries about starting a family.

  3. I agree 100% with Joey. I’ve started a facebook group for Canadians to demand debt relief/forgiveness as a method of boosting our economy again. The group is called “Revitalize Canada – Eliminate Student Debt”. In one of my posts I also have the same sentiments as the mayor of saint John.

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