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Dropout rate for boys ‘unacceptably’ high

C.D. Howe recommends targeted early childhood education programs


Canada’s high school dropout rate may be steadily declining but figures for boys and marginalized groups remain “unacceptably” high, a C.D. Howe report released Thursday concluded. Canada’s high school dropout rate, defined by Statistics Canada as the percentage of people aged 20-24 without a diploma, declined from 16.6 per cent in 1990-91 to 8.5 per cent in 2009-10. Despite this overall decline, the male dropout rate of 10.3 per cent remains significantly higher than the female dropout rate of 6.6 per cent. There are “five males now dropping out for every three females,” the study reads. More alarming, according to study author John Richards, is the dropout rate for aboriginal youth, which ranges from 20.3 per cent for Metis students to 50.9 per cent for First Nation students who live on a reserve. Among Richards recommendations to address the dropout rate is to target early childhood education programs at at risk communities and to encourage high school sports programs.

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Dropout rate for boys ‘unacceptably’ high

  1. We have a similar situation in New Zealand, where indigenous students have the highest drop out rates. They also have the highest prison population rates, and the lowest early childhood education participation rates. Many people attribute these things to parental indifference, and lack of motivation. No one seems to have a solution to these issues, but over time, positive role modelling, and government incentives may make some difference.

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  3. The ‘Boys crisis’ has been debunked surely. Feminist research tells us that boys are doing better than ever before just the girls are doing. Well done girls!! http://www.bloggernews.net/116022 , lol,yeah.

    It is about time Government stopped paying attention to phony left wing advocacy research from powerful lobby groups. Our children are hurting.