Edmonton teacher may lose job for case against zero

Suspended for awarding zeros to high school students


An Edmonton teacher who was suspended after giving students zeros for defiance of school policy may now lose his job.

Lynden Dorval, physics and science teacher, initially refused to abide by his school’s no-zero policy. In a letter dated June 18, the principal of Ross Sheppard High School, Ron Bradley, told Dorval that he’s facing termination.

From CBC:

“Your behavior is unbefitting a professional. It is also ironic in light of your very public pronouncements about your concern for the welfare of your students. Your habitual refusal to obey lawful orders, your repeated insubordination, and your obvious neglect of duty force me to consider recommending termination of your teaching contract with Edmonton Public Schools.”

Dorval called the letter “puzzling,” and plans to speak about the no-zero policy at a special meeting of the Edmonton Public School Board on Tuesday.

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Edmonton teacher may lose job for case against zero

  1. Schools are the training ground for real life; therefore no work done should result in a zero. Edmonton Public Schools is setting students up to fail in life if they give grades for no work done.

    How will these students ever be able to hold a job and become a contributing member of society if they expect something for nothing?

  2. I predict they will probably reverse the no-zero policy in the next little while. But whether or not they do does not really impact Dorval. His problem is that he made his superiors look bad, and that is something that they find unforgivable. So in the end, he will be the martyr that corrects a bone-headed policy, at the cost of his career.

    I continue to be fascinated by the arguments by educational theorists on why giving students zeroes for not doing the work is wrong. They keep trying to categorize it as “behavioural” rather than “academic,” and therefore not subject to “punitive” measures. I have news for them: when these kids get to university, they will not be given multiple chances to turn in an assignment or take a test, never mind the real world.

  3. “First God created idiots – and that was for practice – then he created schoolboards’. (Mark Twain) The EPSB has created a major pr disaster story that has gone world wide.They should be looking to fire the principal and superintendents who put the principal up to writing the letter in the first place..Teacher is right.

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