Education funding: ABCs versus PhDs -

Education funding: ABCs versus PhDs


Here’s an interesting response to the report, Ontario in the Creative Age, recently prepared by the University of Toronto’s Roger Martin and Richard Florida:

Before Premier Dalton McGuinty pours billions of dollars into post-secondary education in his quest to transform Ontario into a “creativity-driven” powerhouse, there is a low-cost possibility he might want to consider. Studies have repeatedly shown that the single most effective thing a government can do to strengthen the economy is invest in basic literacy.

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Education funding: ABCs versus PhDs

  1. To follow along those lines, I still have no idea what Florida and Martin have in mind. Not everyone is going to be an artist, software developer, or – and here I really don’t get the creative side of things – a professional like a lawyer or doctor. In fact, the vast majority of us won’t be, in which case… what sort of service sector jobs will be around for those left without jobs in manufacturing?