Education ministers unveil national brand to attract international students

Fredericton meeting addresses international recruitment, literacy


Provincial education ministers are coming together under one national brand in a bid to attract more foreign students to study and possibly stay in Canada.

The brand — a stylized red maple leaf with a bilingual slogan that says “Imagine Education in Canada” — was revealed Monday at a meeting of education ministers in Fredericton.

New Brunswick Education Minister Kelly Lamrock said in a country like China, it doesn’t make sense to try to pitch individual provinces. “The Canadian brand is strong because people know Canada as a country for welcoming people of diverse backgrounds,” he said. “They also know Canada as … a place of high quality education.”

When asked why the ministers aren’t concentrating on improving test scores in Canada before attracting foreign students, Lamrock said they are doing both.

He told reporters that attracting more foreign students will also improve the learning environment for Canadian students. “Making sure that our schools and places of learning are as diverse as the world where graduates will enter is important,” said Lamrock. “Every campus that welcomes international students becomes itself a place where more ideas, more opinions, more diverse thoughts can be heard and understood by others, and teaches all of us about the world around us.”

The ministers are meeting for two days in the city and are also expected to discuss a national strategy to improve literacy.

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Education ministers unveil national brand to attract international students

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  2. I suggest this post be re-titled “Lamrock’s Logo”. :)

  3. Ironic that this should happen the same week Quebec deregulates tuition for international students…

  4. “Imagine Education in Canada” is not a brand. A brand is a value proposition that sets you apart from the alternatives. This is really nothing more than an incredibly dull and meaningless strap line and a predictable logo.

    If this is the best we can get for $2 million then we had better send our brand experts elsewhere for a better education. How does it define us versus the US, Australia and the UK? What does it say about the values in our system, the quality, the experience, the choice, the diversity? It’s sad really. No, it’s tragic.

  5. A brand is all well and fine, but it’s meaningless unless there are standards to back it up. At this point, there is nothing stopping another Kingston College fiasco from happening, which would further besmirch our reputation for education. (http://www.cufa.bc.ca/kingston-lansbridge)

    It’s ironic that Minister Lamrock is the one to announce this initiative since Lansbridge University, which was forced to shut down in BC, is still operating in his province. As far as I know, there was no public report on whether Lansbridge-NB was caught up in the Lansbridge-BC mess, which is possible since both were effectively owned by the same person, Michael Lo.

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