Election count difficulties at Laurier

Political elites to get results hours before release to students


The Cord Weekly reports that a Scantron malfunction requires hand-counting of 3,000 ballots in the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union election.

Each race will be counted separately and candidates in those races will be told the results immediately upon completion of the count in their race.

As for regular students; they will have to wait until after results of all the races are known.

It is expected that presidential candidates will know their results around 5 a.m., followed by other races steadly throughout the day. The final counts, of referendum results, are expected to finish sometime near 5 p.m.

Results will be provided to regular students at that time.

Nevermind how absurb the idea of giving results to candidates but not students is. Does the WLUSU really believe the information is not going to leak out anyway?

Now, on top of questions about the decision; the WLUSU has created itself the headache of trying to enforce a confidentiality arrangement.

I’m expecting results will leak soon; check out The Cord Weekly website for updates.


Election count difficulties at Laurier

  1. As a candidate in this election, I support the efforts of the Students’ Union to attempt to inform candidates before a release of information to the press. All candidates running in this campaign spent a great deal of time garnering support and promoting the elections in general at WLU. The elections team wished to personally thank, congratulate these candidates on races well run and officially post the results on the WLUSU website prior to releasing results to the Cord.

    With that being said, the Cord was notified immediately when the vote counts had been posted to the website, usually within the hour of candidates being informed.

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