Faculty at University of Windsor approve Sept. 17 strike date

Union president hopes strike can be averted


A strike deadline has been set for more than 1,000 faculty members at the University of Windsor.

They’re ready to walk off the job on Sept. 17 if negotiations fail. Union president Brian Brown says talks weren’t going well, so members decided to set a strike date. He says he hopes the deadline will put pressure on both sides to reach a deal.

Members of the Windsor University Faculty Association voted 96 per cent in favour of strike action to back their contract demands.

Brown says he still hopes a strike can be averted.

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Faculty at University of Windsor approve Sept. 17 strike date

  1. Don’t enroll at the University of Windsor. The professors are useless. They truly don’t care. The attitude of the administration staff for anything you do is less than friendly. As a new student you are left floating without any assistance. When you sign up and ask for help you get none. After welcome week your support drops out from under you. The professors are striking for money. The professors are not teaching they are tormenting students. The teaching environment is bad. Check the pictures from the picket lines. They don’t look upset. They think this is fun to screw the students out of thier future and money. How many other Universities are striking right now? This is another example of union town Windsor killing business and oppourtunies. Close the University of Windsor, it is nothing good. The Essex Hall has been causing cancer. The whole place needs to be shutdown.

  2. This STRIKE is ridiculous. The only ones suffering are the students, and I for sure DO NOT support what that professors are doing. They are demanding higher slaries and this will only affect us, the students, because we are the ones who will have to pay to satisfy their greed. I have attended this university for the past 3 years and on very few occasions have I been lucky enough to get a GOOD professor who actually loves teaching and is a adequate at their job. Very few professors at this university care about the students, they care about their research. If they had a choice, only a handful of them would actually teach opposed to doing their research. So I fully support the university actually standing up for the students and making sure we don’t pay even more that we already do for receiving an education that is already poor. There is a reason why this univesity ranks almost last among all the Ontario Universities and that is because the professors run the show and we the students are paying for a sad excuse of an education. I also fully support the univesity not allowing sigantures for grants for the professors while they are on stike. It only mkaes sense. Why should they be able to put their teaching on hold but not their research?????? It’s ridiculous to me that any student would actually support the professors.

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