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Fewer non-Canadians to be allowed in campus sports

Some say rules will hurt recruitment


The groups in charge of college and university sport in Canada are increasing restrictions on how many non-Canadians are allowed to play.

And civil rights advocates, as well as one college from Prince Edward Island, say those quotas amount to discrimination.

Both the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association and the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Association have long had rules restricting the number of non-Canadians who can play basketball.

The university group recently extended those quotas to volleyball, and the collegiate association says it is exploring expanding its rules as well.

Both say some restrictions are necessary to keep Canadian sports Canadian and prevent schools from getting an unfair advantage by going out and recruiting the best athletes from around the world.

But Holland College in P.E.I. says keeping international students off sports fields hurts recruiting efforts and runs counter to the federal government’s goal of increasing foreign student enrolment.


Fewer non-Canadians to be allowed in campus sports

  1. Recruiting the best athletes from around the world? Lol. Canadian universities can’t recruit the best athletes in tbe world, this not because some quota restrictions. It is because the best in the world go to the States. Best in theworld lol. More like unwanted athletes who couldn’t get scholarships to America.

  2. Jake, they certainly could come to Canada – given the right incentives. The US does not have a monopoly on world-class athletes – or their training. Can you guess where Chinese athletes do most of their training? Hint: It’s certainly not in China!

    As for this story – limiting non-Canadians is totally discriminating! It’s really rather shocking. If the aim is to reduce padding teams with athletes from other countries in order to boost their teams’ performance – well, that’s another matter.