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This Tuesday is Firefox Download Day 2008.

The new Firefox Version 3.0 will be released and the Firefox community hopes to smash the single day record for software downloading. Mark the day on your calendar and if you don’t use a calendar (archaic paper technology, you can visit the Spread Firefox site to sign up for a reminder.

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File under nerdy things to do

  1. I’ve been using some of the late betas of Firefox 3, and I can attest to its quality. Head and shoulders above FF2. It converted me back from Opera, another great alternative browser.

    But then Opera released a new version, which is also really good. (check it out at http://www.opera.com – they also have really good mini browsers for mobile phones)

    Oh man, I’d never thought we’d get to the point where the problem is not that there are not enough good web browsers, but too many.

    Decisions, decisions…

    I wonder what the record for single-day downloads is, and of what?

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