Finally, a student union with sanity!


The following was posted on the official blog of the Bishop’s University student government:

Rest assured that here at Bishop’s, we’ll continue supporting Shinerama during Frosh Week. The fight against cystic fibrosis is an important one, and we’ve been involved for years. While we may not have raised the millions Carleton has, we’ve been consistent contributors, combatting a disease that affects Canadians from all walks of life. We’ll continue to support this worthy cause, and look for new avenues to fundraise for cystic fibrosis, doing our small part to make up for the funds that will be missing in 2009, due to Carleton’s withdrawal.

Well said, I know I’ll be digging deeper into my pockets to support this cause next year.


Finally, a student union with sanity!

  1. Ummm, doesn’t your title imply that Bishop is the only student union not pulling a Carleton? As far as I know, no other student union has copied Carleton’s rather silly idea.

    Wouldn’t a more accurate title be “Finally, every student union except Carleton with sanity! (and Bishop issues a press release to point it out)”

  2. Uhm, not a press release. Just a blog post. The BU student council blogs daily — or at least, every weekday.

  3. I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. CUSA obviously didn’t think it through; that is obvious. What they are trying to do is reach out to various charities rather than fundraising for a single charity year after year. CF IS a great cause, but so is breast cancer, MS, homelessness, diabetes, you name it.

    Although their president sounded like a bit of a ditz on the radio, she did manage to convey that the basis for the decision was a desire to reach out to various charities, or charities within the community, rather than supporting only a single charity.

    It’s unfortunate that because this idea budded from one member’s claim that CF is a white man’s disease, and because CUSA lacked the foresight to think twice (or maybe even once) about the wording of their wereas clauses, that the mere idea of change from one charity to another may never see the light of day again.

    Before anyone calls me a shinerama-hater, I’d just like to throw out there that I participated in the campaign all five years of my university career, AND that this year (my first year outside) I donated more than pocket change. I’m not just talking about shine day either, I did sucker runs, Canada day BBQ’s you name it.

    The lack of foresight is unfortunate, but no one is saying that CF is not a great cause.

  4. Sylvia Lewis – Harvard.
    The recitals or “whereas” clauses or a document set forth the grounds or basis upon which the agreement is being entered into, or the action being taken.
    To have what is an ignorant racist belief form the basis of the action of a student council is not imo in any way shape or form acceptable and the cause for the outrage.
    This isn’t a lack of foresight on behalf of CUSA but ignorance in its worst form.
    Had the grounds for the change been to pursue other charities, then there was no need for the improper racial reference.
    The key here is not to justify ignorance, but to apologize for it.

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