Fire at McMaster University -

Fire at McMaster University


This post was written Saturday October 18, 2008. McMaster University continues to update parents and students on their news page at

There was a fire at Hamilton’s McMaster University overnight. There were no serious injuries and the damage is being assessed.

The fire occurred in the university’s Brandon Hall residence building. Brandon Hall is the largest of the university’s residence buildings and primarily houses first year students.

The Hamilton Spectator has a news report on their website.

McMaster University is providing updates on their website here:

Note: I will not be able to cover this event. I’m noticed an increase in my blog traffic this morning coinciding with the event. If your looking for information, please refer to the university website and instructions. Don’t rely on Facebook or any discussion board for information.


Fire at McMaster University

  1. It is sad to see Brandon Hall on fire. It put extra stress to the university & Brandon residents. I don’t understand this $200/wk commuter allowance for. I guess every Bradon residents should thank whoever put fire to this campus. They all won a short term life lottery ($200 x 4 = $800/month). I am sure everyone loves whoever put fire on and will try to cover them. Will other campus resident thinking or planning to copy this so they share some of the luck as well. I believe it is not fair to cause inconvenience and stress for the majority(99%) of the Brandon resident. A little lesson will make the students learn better and deeper. I am sure you neither want the guilty persons think that they do everyone a favor so they can get $800/month easy money (even it is a short term and may be it is insurance company’s money) nor want to see this happen again at McMaster or other university in the near future.

  2. I think its ironic that those who were not a part of this situation view money as a means of solving everyones problems. This fire took place during the week of midterms, which for some, inculding myself meant not doing well on first year courses as textbooks, and laptops were still in the building. To me I worked hard for 12 years to make it into a post secondary insitution and getting 200$ a week after paying 14 thousand dollars to be there really dosen’t work out to be what people think it would be. Not having a change of clothes or shoes for 24 horus really makes you rethink things.