First day of university classes -

First day of university classes

Not to jinx myself, but…


Up until today, everything I knew about university was second-hand. For years, I’ve heard adults describe university as a place to, “discover yourself.” A place to “define who you are,” and, “explore your future.”

University kind of sounded like an artsy movie.

I figured that after sitting through official university lectures, I’d be Changed as a Person. I’d willingly read Hamlet, and probably say stuff like, “How could I not have recognized the poetic intricacies of Shakespeare’s prose before?”

Heck, I’d be able to legitimately use the word, “prose,” in a sentence.

I thought that after a whole day of university, I’d have a Confucius quote memorized for any given situation. If someone gave me a hard time on the bus, I could tell them that, “He who seeks a path of violence begets only a hallowed spear.”

But my high school-adapted mind made foolish assumptions about university. For one thing, the biggest change I noticed between high school and university has nothing to do with my Inner Core or Sense of Self: mainly, I noticed that people have an enhanced sense of body space in university.

Nothing in existence moves slower than a pack of grade nine students (other than plot lines from movies made in the 70’s). But in university, Slow Walkers are almost nonexistent. The almost-extinct species no longer travels in packs. The rare herd of Slow Walkers will actually acknowledge the fact that someone is walking behind them, and then will diverge to let them past. People hold doors for each other.

The best thing about being an official university student, though, is impressing all of my 12-year-old brother’s friends.

Yup, they’re in awe of my four months of summer vacation.


First day of university classes

  1. Enjoy it Scott!

    And you will get wiser. The real question is whether you will some day, when asked for some wise words, come up with more than he who goes to bed with itchy bum wakes up with stinky finger. I didn’t. ;)

  2. Hey Mikael,

    All three of my younger brothers now worship you. Well, if I hadn’t taken credit for those wise words, they would.


  3. I am as well a first year student and I was under the same impressions. It has been a rougher journey for me than you it seems but it is a journey I have been waiting four years to take.
    All the best to you : )

  4. Hey Kaitlin,

    I didn’t mean to make it sound like it’s easy or anything. I made this post after my first day of classes, so I was just relieved that most of my fears were actually not a problem. Now that it’s been a week, my irrational fears have been replaced by scarier, more realistic fears. Like physics class.

    I knew university was going to be fast-paced, but it’s even faster than what I thought it was going to be. If high school moved at the same pace, all four years could probably be compressed into two weeks. Or even just one week, if they let science nerds like me skip that whole gym thing :)

    Good luck with your first year! I’m sure that by Halloween, we’ll both feel way better. The way I’m looking at it is, there are only 12 weeks in a semester, so by October 31st, it’ll be more than halfway over.

    Not to mention, all those suckers in high school only get two weeks off for Christmas.

    I hope you’ll continue to share your first-year experience with us. Good luck again,


  5. Ha ha. Yes, these suckers do only have two weeks. Thanks for the reminder Scott.

    And I agree wholeheartedly that the clump of inorganic matter, also known as Grades Nines en masse, is possibly the slowest species of mammal. Including sloths.

  6. As another first year I was impressed by the way people do hold open doors for you. But the people on my campus walk slower then grade niner’s. Seriously. Some of them walk so slowly you’re amazed they don’t die of old age just standing there. And the ones that walk fast seem to be involved in a perpetual game of chicken. They will actually start walking towards you, faster and faster until you move out of their way. It’s very strange.