Flirting website storms campuses -

Flirting website storms campuses

Students can message instantly and anonymously


Students at more than a dozen Canadian universities are flirting anonymously, instantly, and in the same location as the focus of their attention., an online “flirting-facilitator platform,” was developed and released on American campuses in October, but has grown immensely popular north of the border.

While allowing users to post instantly like a Twitter message, each school has its own site that lets students address another user in the same location. For example, one message from Queen’s University reads: “At Stauffer 1: Female, Redhead. You writing the History paper with such enthusiasm, you are stunning!”

Daniel Gold, who helped launch the service at Queen’s told Postmedia that LikeALittle’s popularity is due the fact that students can waste time with their “entire school.” While he says the site is not intended to be taken as a “serious website” he has “heard of people actually hooking up.”

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Flirting website storms campuses

  1. Wait, what? Could someone explain the point to me of flirting ANONYMOUSLY?

  2. maybe some people are too shy to do it up front ;) … and gives people more reason to stalk other personal lives to waste time (cause Facebook wasn’t enough already)