Foreign students feared among dead in N.Z.

Earthquake topples building that houses language school


Foreign students studying at a language school in New Zealand are feared dead after the building that housed the school collapsed in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake. Among those studying at the King’s Education language school were a group of visiting Japanese students from the Toyama College of Foreign Languages. While 13 had been rescued, another 10 have still to be accounted for, the Associated Press reported yesterday. Also missing were six students from Thailand, one from China and at least two from South Korea. Police say that those yet to be rescued from the rubble likely have not survived. “The sad fact is we’re removing resources form this site to other sites where there is a higher chance of survivability,” a police spokesman said. Also housed in the building is Canterbury Television station. At least 15 employees are still missing.

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Foreign students feared among dead in N.Z.

  1. My experiences of ESL students in Vancouver is that a fair few don’t attend all classes, so there may be hope for some at Toyama even now, but not all. There’s still a fair few bodies to be recovered, not rescued, from Canterbury TV, the PGG building and at the bottom of the Banks Peninsula hills/Lyttelton/Sumner/Beckenham as well as other buildings around the city. About 200 I’d say. Certainly a tragedy that was waiting to happen and it just won’t be the same for us old Chch’ers. Our thoughts are with all the displaced, and soon to be travelling, friends who survived. Richmond BC, also built on alluvial sand, should take note of this event.

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